Question:‑‑‑I don't understand about this in Genesis, in the time of Joseph, when he had this dream about the  7 fat years and the 7 lean years, and then he took all the peoples cattle, and bought all their land for Pharaoh, then after that he gave them seed to plant and said that they were to give one‑fifth to Pharaoh, but he had taken their land?

Answer:‑‑‑You have a different type of operation at that time.  You will discover that Pharaoh is the Sovereign over all Egypt.  And if you go into this type of government you find not only was it maintained as a sovereignty with nobody but Pharaoh or the Royal household owning the property, but all Egyptians were considered their family.  This was the kind of Aristocracy that they had, and Pharaoh alone could grant a piece of territory to anyone else, thus he granted the land of Goshen unto the brethren of Joseph when they came in.  So the entire aristocracy was controlled by Pharaoh and his family, and he had around him a bunch of Priests, and sooth‑sayers who helped shape his decisions, but Joseph had no control over the existing structure of this government, he only worked under it.

    I have Dr. Petries copy of the "Book of the Dead", and I can show you the entire structure of control of Egypt at that time, and the Pharaoh so to speak had "the last word". Pharaoh set up everything, Pharaoh was the owner of allEgypt.  Pharaoh was our gracious master, he gives us our homes, Pharaoh gives us everything, see.  But notice that whereas it was a complete Aristocracy still they permitted the people, say a farmer farmed land, his father farmed it, well, the Pharaoh didn't confiscate it unless there was a disobedience to him, but technically he didn't upset the status quo unless he wanted to honor some particular general who had pleased him, or something like this, then he might give that man a Dominion over some area.  Might give him the right to collect taxes off of this area as a subsidiary Noble.  Although the amount of tax that Pharaoh received was always determined, unless there came an emergency, and in an emergency the state confiscated everything and then doled it out.  Egypt was always run this way, and Joseph was just operating under these conditions.

    However this storage of wheat and the spiritual perception of the coming lean years was of course a wise decision, but it wasn't strictly something that Joseph figured out by himself.  He had a spiritual vision concerning the matter of the interpretation of Pharaoh's dream.  However without spiritual guidance he wouldn't know anymore than you or I would know as to what the man was dreaming about.  But as far as the interpretation, and being under Divine direction, this was what occurred.  But if you have a surplus its a pretty good idea to conserve that surplus, don't plow it under, don't give it away, and don't give it to your enemies.  Why?  Because it has far more value than the paper we are passing around.  And there is one thing about wheat or other grain, it doesn't deteriorate if you properly store it.  Some of the best wheat we have in the world today came out of the King Tuts Tomb.  They opened the tomb and found some of that long staple Egyptian wheat which had been stored in there from the period of his entombment which gives us 3,460 years of minimum that this wheat was in that tomb, and yet it is the finest wheat we have today.  We are growing this long kernel wheat that was transplanted from Egypt to here, and thus you are shown the life of the wheat didn't die in storage.  It has been proved in every experiment that storage of wheat was a good idea.  However as far as the 7 lean years and the 7 fat years, this was all a part of the destiny, and today if we saved our wheat instead of plowing it under we would probably be better off.  As far as wealth is concerned, instead of taxing our people and giving away paper, we would have done better to exchange some wheat for some services.

Question:‑‑‑This Jewish thing bothers me, there seems to be an opinion with some people that as this remnant came back to Palestine from Babylon that they, Israel was now called Jew.

Answer:‑‑‑You mean when Judah and Benjamin returned from out of their captivity in the days of Nehemiah?

Question:‑‑‑Yes, will you go on from there and clarify who are the Jews and who is Israel?

Answer:‑‑‑Well first, the word Jew is a misnomer, it only identifies the people today who we call Jews.  At no time were Israelites called Jews in any area of time which we call Old Testament history.  In Babylon itself which was controlled by the Baal religion, Nebuchadnezzar although Emperor was no more powerful actually than the power of Baalish.  When we say that the word, Jew as a figure of speech can very well become a misnomer, it identifies for us a particular variety of people who we associate today with their claim that they are the inheritors, or they carry out the destiny of Israel‑‑‑THIS IS NOT TRUE.  In the first place the Priests of Baal happen to be YEHUDIN which word accursed, later was translated Jew.  Remember that almost every pagan religion on the face of the earth was controlled by the YEHUDIN.  So who are these people???  Jesus said: "I have chosen you 12 and one of you is a devil."  He was speaking of Judas of Iscariot the only YEHUDIN among his disciples.  Or he was the only accursed or Jew among his disciples.

    Now:‑‑‑When we deal with the fact that the Jews crowded around Jesus as you find here in the 8th Chapter of John and so forth, the Jews crowded around as Jesus was talking to the whole assembled audience and HE said: "Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free."  And the Jews said: "How saith thou that the truth can make us free.  We have never been in bondage at anytime."  This of course proved automatically that they could not have been of the 10 tribes of Israel who had been carried into captivity in the days of Sannacherib.  But most of them (Israelites) had migrated out of that area by this time of Jesus and were existing as Anglo‑Saxons, Scandinavians, Lombards, and so forth, in the continent of Europe.  But the fact remains that the 10 tribes had been in captivity and then Judah and Benjamin had been in captivity from Nebuchadnezzar, as he had captured them and taken them to Babylon until Medo‑Persia overthrew Babylon and set them free.  Later Greece would overthrow Medo‑Persia, and Rome overthrew Greece and was existent in the time of Jesus. So when these Yehudin in the time of Jesus (now‑‑today translated Jew) when they spoke out they said: "How can you make us free when we have never been in captivity at any time?"  They proved right there that they had never descended from any of the 10 tribes of Israel or from the 2 tribes who went to Babylon in captivity.  Thus since they were not Israelites they didn't come from the seed of Abraham through Isaac, or the house which makes up the history and culture of the people of the Old testament, or the New.

    Now:‑‑everywhere Israel went you had this Luciferian house to contend with.  Jesus said of them: "Ye are of the devils house, his progeny, and the lusts of your father ye will do."  He was the first murderer and he was talking about Cain the offspring of Eve from the seduction by Lucifer.  This was when Angels did not keep their first estates as Jude and others tell us, but Cain is the son of the Evil One.  In this instance Abel was the son of Adam but Cain was the son of the Evil One.  Cain was allowed to slay and there was no acceptable seed from the purity of the womb then for the preservation of the race.  No Holy Seed, unpolluted was acceptable until the birth of Seth.

    Now:‑‑the Cainanites, the offspring of Cain, Cain did not marry back into the offspring line of Adam and Eve, he went over into the land of Nod and took a wife from the Akkad people.  And he became known as Sargon the Magnificent, the conqueror who set up the line of offspring thru Narum‑Sin and it comes on down from this line.  The Summerians records carry this line which we can trace.  The Akkads who were the strong and powerful twin to the Summerians were originally Tungus people but aborted by the fallen hosts.  But it was into these people that Cain married, and here raised his household.  These people in no way had any part or lot with the Adamic race.  They were not the sons of Adam, no connection except that Eve had mothered Cain, but he bred OUT even from the Adamic race.  But Jesus said that these Yehudin (Translated JEW) were the descendants of Cain, were Cainanites.

    The symbol of Lucifer of course had always been the Serpent‑dragon house, even in ancient Mu and other places. So in this instance you will note that always the symbol of Lucifer is the Serpent.  So it wasn't a serpent (snake) who seduced Eve.  And Moses said to the mixed multitude who came out of Egypt with Israel‑‑Ye are the generation.  The Dark Temples of Egypt of Sette and Soth and others, these were the pagan temples which had set up the pollution of a multitude of pagan gods in Egypt.  These were what ruled over these people and they were of this same Cainanitish line.  Then the Temples of Kali were another preservation of the perversion of ancient India, and later set up Hinduism.

    Alright; the Kali Temples, who runs them.  You say, well Indian Jews or the Cainanites of these fallen households. But the Cainanite line was this specific mutation into the white race structure which gave them a title.  In other words there is black Jews, red Jews, yellow Jews, but the Cain line is where they touch the white race.  But they married out again among Tungus people, and we just call them Jews because this is a semantical term.

    The people are trying to identify the Jews today by religion, but by what religion?  They move in and usurp in all religions, and then warp all these religions into areas of control, and then they work for economic and political control when hiding behind religious hierarchy in every part of the world.  Thus Jews run Hinduism, Buddhism, they run communism which is a materialistic religion of their own design, and a part of the factor of the Beast System.  Thus these things make them identifiably by different words and different semantics.

    When they tried to take over the heritage of Israel, this came as they came out of Egypt.  Remember how there came a Pharaoh who knew not Joseph, and then the oppression came in the days of Moses, and later the Israelites went out of Egypt.  But you will note that a mixed multitude came out. Why?  Because it was recognized that these people had technology, it was recognized that these people were of the same Race as those who built the city of ON.  They knew that this people had produced the technology which had built the Pyramid.  They knew that these people had brought them the knowledge of embalming.  They knew that these people had the best "green hands" they had ever beheld.  I can show you this in ancient doctrines contemporary with the times.  And this mixed multitude was controlled by these pagan priests in Egypt, and some of them went out with these 3 million Israelites.

    From the days of Joseph's brothers until they left the land of Goshen there were 3 million of these Israelites by the time they went out of Egypt into the wilderness.  Their offspring then entered into Canaanland and the increase of them is still going on today.

    Now:‑‑‑the mixed multitude, were YEHUDIN, why?  Because they were pagan, they tried to induce Baal worship, and the worship of Dragon, and all these things twisting the truth. Baal worship is the worship of Lucifer, it has dozens of facets, dozens of break downs.  For instance Luciferian worship was transferee to the sun, transferee to dozens of images.  In Central America it was transferee from Quetzal to Quetzal Coatl in Pre‑Mayas, Pre‑Incas.  So in each one of these things we have Luciferianism.  In India it is Kali, and the worship of the Ganges, and the Cobra.  Kali the mother of the Ganges, the wife of the Serpent, Lillith the woman who seduced Adam as he partook of the same apple as Eve.  All of this is hidden away in the background of our race, in the lore of our history, and in the background of all ancient doctrines.  The original Zohar understood this, it is in the book of Genesis and Moses understood this also.  He said: "Ye are the generation of the serpent and the viper."  He didn't mean they were snakes but that they came from this Serpent Kingdom.  He said the show of their countenance is different, "Your mark is not the mark of YAHWEH'S people."  And in one place the word‑‑mockie‑‑high ears is still used.  So the high ears and the nose were used as identifications then.  There are lots of people today where all the marks do not follow them.  Of course you have Indians from Asia who had high cheekbones and a Roman nose which is the mark of a YEHUDIN (Jew) but there is also something about the countenance of these Jews, they will either have the high ear, or the nose, or there will be a feeling you will get as Moses said: "A feeling that you can't assimilate them, they will be repugnant to you, or repulsive."

    Now:‑‑‑they cover this up sometimes by generosity for a purpose, to eliminate the hostility which they feel.  Because they know that they serve a hostility, that they are against all areas of society.  They are under no illusions that they will be accepted anywhere.  They always go in hostile to take over and to destroy, but always also expecting hostility. For instance you read Maurice Samuels "You Gentiles" he writes this for their consumption.  He says: "There is no place where the Jew will go that he will not be hated or persecuted."  He says: "Because we have to build a world of our own, not one that anyone else can build, but ours.  We are the destroyers forever, we must always destroy what you build.  Nothing can be built that the Jew doesn't build, all else he must destroy."  I can take many books down from my library I have a Jewish section out here that has more books on this subject than the public library has.  And when I am quoting from a book I am quoting what these people have to say about themselves.  This is all that you can ask, if people would quote us for what we say, that is all we can ask of them.  If we quote them for what they say this should be acceptable.  But we point this out that Jews don't come in a common color.  In other words there is brown Jews, black Jews so how do you explain all these Jews if they were descendants of Abraham through Isaac‑‑‑for "Out of Isaac shall thy seed be called."  This is what the scripture has to say, Israel must come from Isaac.

    Now: if there is one Biblical doctrine which runs from the book of Genesis through the book of Revelation it is Racial purity.  It is a command not to pollute your society because that mutates not only your nervous system, but the wave length of the nerve reactions.  No two races are the same, this particular Adamic race is the offspring of the Most High, begotten of the Spirit in the heavens, physically begotten in the earth.  They are the children of God after the Spirit, in the heavens, and the children of Adam who was the son of God in the earth, in the flesh.  To mutate this line is to mutate the wave length of perception, and to cut off all inspiration which makes the white race stand head and shoulders above all the people on the face of the earth.  It would upset the program of God, this "Israel" the issue God, Issue ruling with God.  There is a vast difference between an Israelite and a Jew (Yehudin).  And this is because the Israelite is the Issue of God and according to Jesus a Yehudin is the issue of the Devil.

    Now:‑‑‑I am talking about Jews as they are specified as a physical factor.  You can't say that they belong to one race, but if they were the children of Abraham (thru Isaac) they would all be of One Race, they would all be white men.  But there is one thing that is the mark of Israel, if they breed out, they are gone from the race.  If they breed out the scripture says they can't come back for 10 generations unless that whole 10 generations of people move themselves out, in order to bring that one person back.  Now; no one who is raised with that fetish of race which God demands of his people would ever marry out for 10 generations just to get one back.  There isn't even that much money to buy their way back in.  In other words you can't move out, and then buy your way back in.

    Now: this is all true in areas of administration.  This didn't mean that people couldn't come in and listen and worship, but they could not direct the areas of administration in the Temple, or in any area of government. They were not to become teachers of our children, or controllers of our economy, or government in any way, thiswas not to be.

    Now: this is why I say again that you couldn't have white Jews, black Jews, yellow Jews if they were the seed of Abraham.  But if they were Luciferian seed, then when we say this we are realizing that these were Angelic hosts who did not keep their first Estate.  They intermingled with all the people of the earth, and the scriptures prove this as well as all tradition and history.  They sought to turn all religions indirectly into Baalism, or Luciferian supremacy which this includes.  So all religions become Anti‑YAHWEH, Anti‑YASHUA, Anti‑CHRIST or the embodiment of God in the earth.  Thus you have all religions lumped together even Christianity because its controlled this way as well.  But the ancient Tungus people who made up the 6th, day creation were the people who for 600,00 years roamed the Steppes of Asia, were all over into Europe and into the Carpathian mountains, and down into Africa.  We can find them even out here in the islands as the survivors of the continent of Mu which sank.  These Tungus people worshiped ONE God, The Eternal YAH, and they worshiped him even when they separated, their semantics changed, but their theology was the same.  Then under the rebellion of Lucifer as the full impact of this rebellion hit these 6th day people then they succumbed to Luciferianism and set up instantly a change in their doctrines.  Thus high civilization fell, why China worshiped their Ancestors because they were so much higher than their present.  Their civilizations from the Steppes where Lassa is today was much higher in its wisdom and knowledge than it was under this process of Buddhism as it fell.

    There are cities beneath the jungles of Africa, there is still some of the great architecture to be found there half buried in the jungle.  The same is true in South America in these patterns, so catastrophe enveloped all these places.

    The society which turns from liberty, truth, vision, turns from Divine vision and goes retrograde and into savagery, and with it comes tyranny and oppression instead of a standard of Liberty.

    Now: for the earth to be ruled over by the household of God, or by God at its highest level does not enslave men, it sets them free.  Thus when the white race conquerors it actually liberates, for it only conquerors that which seeksto destroy it or enslave men.  But when pagans conquer they conquer to enslave.  For instance when the white man went to Africa in the days of Stanley and Livingston, from that day on what have we done?  We have poured in knowledge, intelligence, technology, and so forth.  We have brought in truth instead of error.  We brought in hospitals, sanitation, education.  We started to develop a continent.  But when driven out by areas of socialism and lack of leadership then the thing goes retrograde, and the vacuum is filled with trouble.  But remember as the witch doctors take over they want to start eating one another again, they go savage.  But when your race comes in it brought in technology, see the difference.  Your race brought in the greatest agriculture development the world has ever known, about 7400 years ago. This is why as God spoke on the 7th day as he was resting and said: "Behold there is no Adamite to till the soil."  And there wasn't any Adamites until HE placed his offspring Adam in the garden, eastward in Eden.  This was the 7th day, and some people don't realize the difference between the 6th day creation and Adam.  But God brought forth an issue, he didn't just make and mold, this is HIS Issue, HIS Household, and in it goes the Spirits of HIS Celestial house.

    Now: this Adamic race must retain its racial purity to continue, this was their first trouble.  To continue their line demanded the preservation of this racial purity, this was their biggest problem for the enemy always tries to mongrelize, to integrate, absorb us.  The covenants were made with Abraham and carried out through Isaac, and Jacob.  There is no way for anyone to read the Bible and not say that God specifically talks about preservation of the culture, and the race.  Therefore he guides and directs, never select a wife from outside the race, always select someone from among your own people.  Then as the race a pattern is carried out their wave length of perception, their abilities are left intact. Moses said: "Intermarry with the others and you lose the sight of the truth, and the offspring turn away from YAHWEH. You turn to worship other gods and you have already mutated your heritage."

    Then YAHWEH said: "I will not play step father to the mongrel children.  So with all the transgression of the law given to Moses, still My Grace can follow you still.  I can

forgive all these things‑‑‑but I cannot use this mongrel offspring who has no capacity for spiritual guidance or leadership, who does not create the same image.  This offspring cannot be used in this program of the Kingdom."

    Lets go back again, only for this short statement, but we now know for instance that a type of iron oxide makes up a large portion of what we call Chromotin today inside the genes, and the chromosome, and in the process of mitosis when the genes split and the chromosomes and Chromotin split, we know that the Chromotin carries electronic memory which is the same thing which is going on this tape.  Nason Electrons of a pattern of experience not only store electronic memory, but they set the image up on the Chromotin.  And that Chromotin with its electrons and patterns of experience not only stores electronic memories, but sets the image up on the Chromotin.  And that Chromotin is not only designed in its process to remember but to guide the division of the cells with its radiating strands of spindle fibers, but will also determine the exact amount of division even down to the mechanical measure of the number of cells that make up the total bulk of the parents.  So the size of the parents, the color of the eyes, all these things are electronic memory. But the most important area of the memory may be hidden in only one or two genes.  This is the sum total of all the experiences of your ancestors from whom you inherit the nason electron image.  This is your culture, this is your cultural wave, this is your adaptability.  And you mutate a race and what do you come up with?  You have crossed chromosomes, you have split genes that don't direct the same images.  Its patterns, its cultures, clash.  Therefore they have neither affinity for one to the other, it is retrograde.

    Now, it is true that sometimes you can come up with a smarter mullato than a negro, and George Washington Carver is part of this picture.  But there is a little Jew mixed in this picture to which is interesting.  He was smart enough to gather around him a group of white scientists and they got this peanut experiment going.  No one can say that he wasn't pretty sharp because he was, but you never found a straight Negro that sharp.  Booker T. Washington was a Mullato also for another example.  What I am pointing out is that they don't have a direct affinity to either people as such.  As far as the areas of carrying out the destinies that resolves around the Kingdom, it not only calls for racial purity but it calls for a Divine Household.  This is why in Psalms that David said: "Ye are Gods Elohim and all of you are the children of YAHWEH."

    Now:‑‑‑as you come over to the Jew question, the word Jew doesn't show up until they started translating these scriptures into other languages, then the word now used for the people in Jerusalem, and has been since the days of the Roman Empire are all the people in Palestine who were creating all this turmoil and trouble and this was Yehudin (Jew), (today Jew).  But remember the Galileans were Israelites mostly of the tribe of Benjamin, and most of the tribe of Judah were Wsraelites and they lived both in Galilee and in Judea.  But also remember that part of Judah and Benjamin had never been captured by Nebuchadnezzar in the time of Zedekiah and taken into captivity in Babylon.  They had gone out with the other ten tribes of the Northern Kingdom when they had been captured by Sannacherib.  They had from there made their way early by migration into Europe. They were going through the Caucasus pass, and into Greece where the Sythians were also Israelites who went before, always working their way west.  They settled in the Isles of Britain clear north into Scandinavia, as Asshur and Naphtali people came in and the coming into central Europe of the people called Goths, was the Judah people who went out with the 10 northern tribes.  Then after the ascension of The Christ, Judah and Benjamin who had been under Nebuchadnezzar captivity in Babylon and returned to Palestine, all of those now left after the ascension and the period of the early church history in which persecution and warfare was carried on between Jewry and the Christians, these people of Judah and Benjamin left.  The Yehudin (Jews), who controlled the Temple and Jerusalem were becoming so obnoxious even that Rome could no longer give them the automatic areas of freedom that they generally gave conquered territory.  Rome while an absolute Empire granted autonomy to all the local provinces as long as they paid their taxes to Rome.  And a Roman governor stood by letting them have local autonomy until they crossed Rome.  So Palestine was a semi‑theocracy since they were a religious kingdom, they were permitted to have a kingdom for they had their own king, as Herod King of the Jews then ruled, Herod who had come from Pergamos.  Herod had political connections but was physically king over the province under the Governorship in the days of Jesus.  Then after this persecution of the people of Galilee was so heavy because almost all of the people were turning toward Christianity but they didn't want to stay under the pressure of Jewry so they asked the father of Titus the Roman if they could migrate.  The Father of the Roman Titus gave these people of Galilee and Judea who wanted to migrate the right to do this.  Thus those remaining of Judah and Benjamin

migrated out of that land into Europe.  This was known as the second migration of the Goth, now called the Vis Goth invasion, and the coming also of the Normans.  Some of the Normans settled in Normandy and some went further north into Norway and Sweden, and then onto Iceland, but in Norway and Sweden they were with those who had gone earlier as the people of Asshur and Naphtali.

    Now: Both the branches of Judah were together at last in Germany, and Austria which made up the true Judah of the scriptures.  This was not only so well known, even Bismarck for instance knew this, as did Kaiser Wilhelm knew this, so also did the King line of British Empire which goes strictly back to David.  Not one drop of Jewish blood is in the Davidic line, and Kaiser Wilhelm and King George of England, and Czar Nicholas of Russia were all cousins, and on the wall of Buckingham Palace is the listing of the lineage which runs all the way back to David, this includes the present Queen.

    Now: you have this covenant found in the 89th, Psalms and other places confirm it, this covenant with you that this Kingdom will endure forever.  Never will it lack for someone to sit on this throne.  Another prophecy of the scripture says: "Behold thy mother a Lioness, and all the young lions." This prophecy is all the nations of Israel, thy mother a lioness, the young lions are all Princes of the same house.

    So in this again we point out to you that these people who made up the Jews (Yehudin‑‑Luciferians) were Hittites, Cainanites, and Amalakites and so forth.  So what about Jews today?  They are still Hittites, Cainanites, and Amalakites and so forth, because all races which mongrelizes gain a high sterility, this inter‑mixture does this.  But the inter mixture of Scandinavians and Germans for instance doesn't produce this problem because they are of one racial stock, only different Nationalities.  But when you have Jews today who come from these beings (fallen Angels) who didn't keep their first estate in that Luciferian rebellion which effected one third of the Universe, in these offspring

produced by intermingling with earth people, and then cross intermingling with people, you get a high sterility.  This is fortunately true with us as well for if you start intercrossing whites and Negroes you come out with a high sterility, and they get the cycle cells and that kills them off faster.  There are lots of other factors which come in here like changes in the hemoglobin, changes in the chemical combination of the blood stream also.  You get changes in the wave lengths of the nerve reactions, the size of their red blood corpuscles and their capillary valves are different enough so that if you fuse white blood into Asiatics you can put them into shock and kill them.  You put their blood into you and your white blood corpuscles will devour it and you will still have to give another transfusion because you would soon have the same situation again.  But the fact remains that there are factors which are rather significant.  I have in my Library on file some documents from the Jerusalem University areas of research on anatomy.  The thing which is interesting about this is that I can pull out of my file some work that was done by another great school on anatomy which discovered, as to whether you had an Asiatic Jew who came down from the Luciferian hosts in Ancient China, or whether you have a Jew who came from the Cainanite, or whether a Jew from a ___________ (Chohatsi), a Negro Jew, for there are loops and swirls in their fingerprints which will identify them as Jews.  That every Race can be identified by its fingerprints.  Where as we can identify a man by his fingerprints there are certain loops and swirls which only follow a race, or follow a type of mutation.  So this proves that all of these forces have something in common, swirls.  Heidelberg knew this way back there.  They had established this and I can show you the photographs of this.  Then hereabout one and one‑half years age along comes Heidelberg University and says they are now making fingerprints of every person in Israeli and they can determine whether they are really Jews.  They try to tell you that Jewishness is a religion and has no specie connection, but if this is true, your source of it originally came from these who did not keep their first estate but intermingled with these races then, it left it mutative mark, and this mark is on them all, then this is different, and they can tell who in Israeli is really a Jew (Yehudin).

    Now: When we deal with a Jew by religion then there are lots of Jews by religion and not Jews by race.  They could then be converted to Christianity and move out of the influence they are now in because this is not where they belong.  You say:‑‑‑How could this happen?‑‑Well when you get a race which had high sterility they started adopting a great number of people to build up their race stock.  Nobody adopts as many children out of foundling homes as do Jews everywhere.  In Chicago they are continually draining the Orphanages and fusing them into their families and raising them as Jews.  They may be reformed Jew, Orthodox Jew or Talmudic Jew but the fact is that they are raised this way, and they don't know where they came from.  They try to get these children out of Greece, France, and Italy, and Romania because these children in orphanages look more like the Eastern European Jew, and the general known Jew than anybody else.  The reason why is that many Greeks have the Roman nose, and many of them are more olive in complexion.  But those of Judah were this way also thus they latched on to this strain.

    Now: Let me show you this, remember sometime ago this rigged battle in France?  Most of the orphanages in France are run by the Catholic Church, and when these Catholics found out that these Jews were adopting these Catholic children out of these orphanages and getting someone to act as a front for them, then the Catholics exploded.  Remember when this was in all the newspapers, how they wanted the French government to stop this, and get these children back? These children are being raised as Jews, and to them this was a terrible thing.  This was before the last 2 Popes whose noses have been broken.  Ha!  Who said the Jews were alright. I have had reports from Popes over the years, but now they are trying to say that the Jews didn't have anything to do with the crucifixion.  But just because you have a peasant for a Pope doesn't mean that you change history.

    Now: in this same instance the adoption of these children didn't make Jews out of them by race, they just raised them as Jews by religion.  But this is the reason also why a great number of them defect as they get older.  They don't find any affinity with this Jewishness, and they try to get absorbed out of it.  This is the thing, if there is intermarriage into it, then their offspring carried the mutation onward and they are bred back into the Jewishness. But ever once in a while there is someone who comes out of

that situation, and he comes into the Christian Church and someone says, this is a converted Jew.  No, not by race, by an accident of religion.  At one time, I can show you this from a Jewish encyclopedia, they say that 20% of all Jews today are adopted, this is especially true of European Jews. Now you have a 20% unknown factor, but if they don't have the loops and swirls they can tell this.

    Now: Germany had discovered this, and they don't like this to be known, but Germany had discovered this, and they looked at their fingerprints when they were trying to keep Jews out of their government.  They had already had trouble in this matter because they will sell one another, and they will sell you, and they had been in Germany, selling out their country to the Russians.  After all if they would sell Jesus don't think you can talk them out of selling you, because you are you.  But in this instance in Germany they would never permit anyone to run for office if their fingerprint swirls were wrong.

    Now: I can prove this because even though they tried to denounce this, still the Jerusalem University now claims they have a perfect codex of fingerprints that will mark a true Jew anywhere in the world.

    Now: remember that the Apostle Paul was an Israelite of the tribe of Benjamin but of the sect of Jews by religion, but not by race.  In fact he was a citizen of the city of Tarsus, no small city of Spain, a part of the Roman Empire. And actually the Jews of Jerusalem who dominated the religion were not actually Pharisees by predominately Sadducees which was a cult of reincarnationist who came in out of India. That is why there was a hassle going on all the time when Jesus walked there, a hassle between the true Pharisees and the Sadducees.  The Pharisees were resurrectionist and the Sadducees both the false and the true reincarnationist, and they even thought they could trap Jesus.  But they didn't have any Celestial plains, no heavens, they just came out of the Netherworld in a cycle and then went back in.  They had a waiting spot there and then they would come back in, so if they died they would wait a while and then come back in. They were thus called the Sad‑seeds, Sadducees and the others were called Pharisees or resurrectionist.  The false Pharisees were those who were Shammai (false) Sadducees but they claimed to be Pharisees, and they came in to capture control of the Temple of Jerusalem which they had done by the time of the Maccabees and in fact just before the birth of Christ were in full control.  Annas and Caiaphas and his father, all who were the High Priests from the time of the birth of Christ on down to the days of the Ministry of Jesus, his trial and crucifixion were Cainanites.  Jesus identified them as such, but they had come in as false Pharisees, really Sadducees, under Rome they demanded equal seats in this Ecclesiastical government which was divided according to their number.  At first the Pharisees were in control because Judah and Benjamin were stronger than the mixed multitude but the mixed multitude kept demanding seats under the guise of doctors or theologians something they didn't have, until finally they took control.  And after they took control then here was an infiltrated minority taking over the government, just like we have surrounding Johnson today.  So in a way we have the same thing today.  When Jesus talks about them remember in Matthew he said: "You are the generation (racial line) of the serpent and the viper."  Then Jesus said: "I know who you are, you are the children of the prophet killers.  But you say: If we had lived in our father's time we wouldn't have killed the prophets.  By this you have just admitted that you are the children of the prophet killers, children of the serpent and the viper.  So, who warned you to flee from the judgement?"  Thus Jesus said: "Ye are guilty of all the blood of all the righteous slain, all the seed of the race upon the earth that has been killed from Able to Zacharias killed between the horns and the Altar."  So Jesus allotted to this conspiracy a continual warfare upon the race and the Kingdom of God, which is to increase from one man's family until it has filled the whole earth.

    Now: someone always says:‑‑but that makes the Apostle Paul a converted Jew.  Well he was converted from the control of his religion by these people to the recognition of Christ as the Messiah, and to the true doctrine.  And when he saw all of this he said: "I was like one born out of due season." In the book of Thessalonians he said: "The Jews are against God and contrary to all men."  There are all kinds of passages where the Apostle Paul identifies them clearly as does Peter and Jude and all the rest of the Apostles.

    So under this instance someone always says: Are you opposed to Jews?  I am definitely opposed to Jews controlling the United States.  I am opposed to Jews directing and setting up the machinery to over throw our way of life.  This whole socialistic conspiracy is their baby.  If you don't believe it then look out on 108 advisors to the President and you have 83 Jews of that number at this moment, all of them extreme liberals, socialists, the grand design of society.

    Now: I noticed that this was a good taken point, the Jews exploded the other day and said: I want you to quit calling Barry Goldwater a half Jew.  He is either half Jew or Half Christian, we can not have a Jew who is half Christian, half Jew.  If he chooses to select Christianity we want no part of him.  Then they went so far as to go back to Poland and they said: We can't find any trace of any Goldwassar over here. Then they said we think the background claimed this because Jewish financiers financed Jewish merchants in setting up businesses in the west, and the Goldwaters‑Goldwaters got their money to set up their gambling hall and brothel this way.  So this is the Jews story, but I don't buy it.  They will buy the story that Mike Goldwasser took the name of Mike Goldwater because it was a good one, but the fact remains that the Jews say, either he is a Jew or a Christian we don't want just part of him , because he elected Christianity.

    Now: very few Jews ever elect Christianity unless they come in for a motive they generally don't elect Christianity. But many of these others who have no affinity with Jewry are a different matter.  For instance I was down to the Bible Institute, I had spoken there in the past and Dr. Talbut knew me well and he called me in.  In fact we had some problems with a preacher who was attacking us on the air without knowing what he was doing, and we were going to make him retract this, but Dr. Talbut was trying to excuse him and so forth.  But this day Dr. Talbut was saying with that fine old accent of his: Dr. Swift there is no doubt that you have far more scriptures to support your doctrine than we have, but I can't throw out all these books we have had for years in our Bible Institute.  And what are you going to do with this man, and he brought up a little old Iowa farmer who had been raised by Jews, had a Jew name but was converted to Christianity.  He said to me: what are you going to do with a, good Christian like this?  I said: well he is or is not a Jew, and if he is a real Christian then he is no Jew, this there is no doubt of.  And if he is a Jew then he is not a Christian even if he joins the church.  So you are going to

have to make this decision, not me.  He couldn't argue with that.

Question:‑‑‑What were the Kazzars?

Answer:‑‑‑The Kazzars were Asiatics whose racial stock, from the days of Shoggy Kahn (descendent of Genghis Kahn), when these forces came in they captured the land from the Arctic Circle down to the Ukraine of Russia.  And this stock existed all the way up and down on the right side of the Volga River, and this whole area was touched with this Mongol blood.  Then along came these Talmudic Jews almost all of them originally

came from the Isle of Pergamos and they converted these Kazzars to their religion.  These Kazzars are Asiatics and Ashkenazim Jews, and today they separate themselves into Ashkenazim and Sephardim types of Jews.  And the Ashkenazie are the round headed Asiatic Mongol type.  The Kazzars are not the thin faced Jew they are the round faced Mongol types. The Kazzars were a mixture of from 4 to 5 varieties of people of different racial stock after the hoards of Genghis Kahn had come in.  Then after the death of Genghis Kahn, Shoggy Kahn was made Czar Kahn of all Russia.  In face he ruled over Russia through the lines of these Mongols until the German Princes together with certain of the Scandinavian stock, went over and overthrew these Mongols and established a white administration over Russia to keep Russia at the north from being an invasion door for all these hoards from flowing into Europe from the north.  That white stock stayed there as protector of that avenue for a long time.  And this white stock was not nobility, but Germans, Fins, and Slavs came in out of Zebulon stock and they went in as farmers and settled along the Volga and developed what was then a white Kingdom. So there was a bit of fusion here, but basically the Kazzars are not Slavs, the Kazzars are Mongolian.  So these Asiatic Jews then came west and anything they know about the Old Testament they got from Talmudic teaching.  But every time the Jews try to take over a country they try to usurp the religion.  So they mutate the scripture and made up their Talmud.  But Talmud isn't what the Patriarchs said.  It isn't what the prophet said, this isn't what God said, it is what Jewish Rabbis said.  And they say that in their Talmud that the words of the Rabbis are more important than the words of YAHWEH, or any of the Biblical writers.  Thus the Talmud replaces the Bible.

    Now: I have a Babylonian Talmud which is the real Talmud, it is very rare, a full bound set, and if you want to read some fallacious, filthy literature then you want to read the Talmud.

Question:‑‑‑How many volumes are there?

Answer:‑‑‑I think there are nine.

Question:‑‑‑When there is so much difference in the types of Jews why did they join together?

Answer:‑‑‑The Kazzar Jews joined the Sephardic Jew because World Jewry ran its entire operation out of Venice.  From Pergamos during the time of the Roman Empire they spread out through the Empire and dominated the conspiracy there which ruined the farmers, and brought down the Empire, ran the persecution against the Christians.  Their program moved every one possible into the cities and the government had to amuse them in the Colosseum.  But finally Christianity whipped them and moved into development in Europe on a different level.  But remember that it was in Venice that the Jews set up their world Cabbal.  Here the world Kehilla (or Cahilla) met.  It was from here that they sent out world Jewish traders and merchants into Asia in order that they might look for some Asiatic who they could raise as a conqueror of the white race.  They thought that if they could find some Asiatic tribesmen and their hoards that they could back the with weapons and money.  And use their cunning to join them together with other tribes until they had all the hoards of Asia marching under a Jew banner, and attacking Christian civilization.  Thus Chepe Noyon a Chinese Jew found Temujin who was a crippled Mongol warrior.  He was a fierce fighter and mad at the whole world because of his crippled leg.  This Temujin was told, let me lead you and I will join thousands to your banner, and make you the earth shaker, the conqueror or great Kahn, and the name Genghis Kahn means the great conqueror.  So Chepe Noyon became the advisor of Genghis Kahn, and they were better equipped now, and conquered more tribes, and offered these tribes weapons and shares in the spoil.  And thus this bunch of Jews from Venice by use of Chepe Noyon built these hoards of Asia until there was over 600,000 in one band alone when they hit Samerkand, and thus these Jews were working a smart game.  They sent Jewish merchants out, and they would come into a city and set up their wares and trade.  They did this in Baghdad and in Samerkand, and they did it in China.  The people would be trading with these Jewish merchants and then at night they would shut the gates of their cities because of the roaming hoards.  But when they were ready to let a city fall these Jews would get up in the night and open the gates and let the hoards in.  This is how China fell also, then after that the nephew of Genghis Kahn, Kibla Kahn then ruled in China as Emperor.  This is how it happened, and Harold Lamb was one of the great historians, so read: "Genghis Kahn", or "Samerkand", and so forth for a coverage of this history.  He outlines how the Jews were the ones to let the hoards into the city or nation.  Then read Martin Luther as he said: never permit the Jews inside of Germany.  He said: have the German Princes send them packing because every time the hoards were at the gates of Germany or invaded Vienna that the Jews put on yellow arm bands to show their immunity, and let the hoards in, and then they divided up the spoil. Martin Luther tells you all about this.

Question:‑‑‑I always thought the Jews were physical cowards?

Answer:‑‑‑Well, not all together, if there is lots of people with them they are pretty brave.  They have also learned lots of tricks of the trade, they like to be showmen and during

that time they bred up some stronger ones.  But I will say this, we all get stronger in America because we eat better.  And when a parasite gets where he eats better he also gets

stronger.  This is the only country in the world which ever had any Jewish wrestlers, boxers, and sportsmen.  I will show you in their own Jewish Whos Who where they said Jews don't have any time for foolish games.  But they admit that it is so lucrative that they have gotten into sports.  But of course wrestling has become so phoney that they don't get hurt much, so they get in sports and make a lot of money. The Jews as a rule never get killed in war, they are in the Quarter Master Corpse and Medical Corpse, but you didn't find many six pointed stars in the great cemeteries.  You go look and in fact there were practically no six pointed stars in that cemetery in Hawaii.  But because of this the Jews put pressure on the government, and made them take all the crosses off the graves.  There was so few six pointed stars, and this was so discriminatory that the crosses had to be taken off the Christian soldiers graves, just because so few Jews ever got in the front lines.

    Now: even though there was only 13 million of them around still their percentage in represented dead in the cemeteries should have been much higher, so the crosses had to come off.

Question:‑‑‑When Judah and Benjamin went back in the days of Nehemiah to build Jerusalem, all the people then were Israelites?

Answer:‑‑‑No, a mixed multitude went with them.  This mixed multitude were Cainanites and Hittites and so forth.

Question:‑‑‑These then were the ones called Jews?

Answer:‑‑‑Yes, when true Judah and Benjamin came back these strangers or mixed multitudes were called Yehudin by those of Judah and Benjamin, today you would call them Jews.  Then they became so powerful with their Sadducee allies from the Isle of Pergamos in the days of the Roman Empire that they took over the Temple and the Sanhedrin.

Question:‑‑‑Well, who were these Samaritans, this woman?

Answer:‑‑‑The Samaritans were largely from the part of Ephraim who had settled in the land and had never moved.


Answer:‑‑‑Yes, they would have been Anglo‑Saxons had they been captured by Sannacharib, but in the days of that captivity a bunch of these Ephraimites hid out in the hills. Then after Judah and Benjamin were carried into captivity these Ephraimites formed little pockets of civilization in the hills.  So most of the people of Samaria were Israelites of the house of Joseph, because although most went into captivity still some were left in that land.

Question:‑‑‑Then why didn't they get along with Judah and Benjamin?

Answer:‑‑‑Well, the Northern Kingdom of Israel, the 10 tribes had war with Judah and Benjamin and then the 10 tribes left, then Judah and Benjamin were in trouble because they still had this king who was listening to strangers instead of the wise old men.  Before this war with the Northern Kingdom there were strangers who came in and did not believe in YAHWEH, they were putting on sex shows and wild parties, and a bunch of the younger one of the Kingdom became involved in this.  Remember that King Rehoboam was young, so instead of listening to the older men of his race he listened to these strangers.  And the rebellion came again because of the burden of taxation and Rehoboam said: "If my father gave you high taxes, I will give you high taxes.  If he whipped you with lashes, I will whip you with scorpions."  So you remember that this drove the Northern Kingdom of Israel away, and after they left then they were scorned by Judah and Benjamin, no matter where they were in the world, they were scorned by Judah and Benjamin because they broke away from the true center of the Kingdom which at that time was in Jerusalem.  But of course they were still all Israel even in their trouble with each other.  This is the reason that down at the time of Christ after Judah and Benjamin had returned to Galilee they still didn't want anything to do with these of their race who had rebelled against the throne of the Kingdom.  So these of the rebelled, were called the Ethene, or nations which had come from the stock of Israel.  The word ________(Agaga) is for the pagan nations and is never used in connection with Israel nations.

    You will note in the book of Romans, and this is a matter of translation, but it said that Judah and Benjamin were branches of the Olive tree, and all these other wild Olive branches were grafted back into the Olive tree.  It says that the grafting back of the wild Olive tree is the salvation of the Gentiles, the word is Ethene, or Ethnos, meaning the nations of Israel.  It couldn't be a wild Olive branch without being part of the Olive tree of which Judah and Benjamin were a part, so the Ethene or Ethnos were wild Olives.  This is the reason why in that place where they call you Gentile that it shall be known that "Ye are MY people", that you are the children of the Living God.  That your numbers are to be as the sands of the sea shore and thestars of heaven.  Remember HE said: he had a covenant with the house of Judah and the House of Israel and this it see.

    Now: the Olive tree is a symbol of Israel, and there isn't a Jew on the face of the earth that is under that symbol.  The Jews always use the fig tree as their symbol. That is why when Jesus cursed the fig tree that the Jews cried their eyes out saying:‑‑Why did he that?  They knew he had spoke this parable against them, and there wasn't any fruit in the tree anyhow, but by the afternoon it was all withered up.  Jesus explained this by the parable as to how a husbandman had gone out leaving his fields and another husbandman had come in and taken over the field, and these weren't the heirs.  But they said of Jesus, we must kill this one or we are going to lose control over all this property. Remember first HE sent his servants, then HIS own son (embodiment), etc.  And the Jews perceived that HE spoke this parable against them also.  For if they had been Israel they would have been the heir, but these rulers were not the heirs, these rascals of Jewry were not heirs they were Yehudin, Luciferian.  But they knew that Judah and Benjamin were part of Israel, this is why they didn't want to recognize anyone from Galilee because they knew that this was where true Benjamin and Judah were, and they said: search the Scripture and see if any prophet comes out of Galilee.

    The Jews never said that Jesus was a Jew they said he was a Galilean.

Question:‑‑‑In Genesis where Israel blessed his children he

referred to the seed of Joseph as being the rock of salvation.

Answer:‑‑‑Now, he didn't say it quite that way, "From whence is the shepherd the stone of Israel?

Question:‑‑‑Is this salvation?

Answer:‑‑‑This is the Kingdom, stone Kingdom.  In other words the house of Joseph is the Anglo‑Saxon house.  Joseph had already married Asneth the daughter of Pontipher, the Priest of On.  Ephraim and Manasseh would provide the largest tribal strength in the race, and this leadership was growing strong. In one of the last statements Jacob‑Israel made as an old man he said: That all Israel would say, "God make us as Ephraim and Manasseh", these two tribes of Joseph.

    Now: the House of Joseph had provided the protection for the others during the time of the famine.  The House of Joseph was going to be the strongest of all the nations of Israel at the end of the age, for this great struggle against the forces of Anti‑Christ.  So out of one family comes the Anglo‑Saxon people who are the house of Joseph, and pre‑eminently most of the original settlers of England were Angles.  This is why the Heraldry of Manasseh followed, but moved on, and there is one thing that the outstretched wings of the Eagle carried, and that is, it carried the destiny that Manasseh was going to be a great nation.  Ephraim was to be a Common Wealth of nations and the British Empire is a Commonwealth, and it does have the symbol of the Lion, and also the Unicorn both referred to in the book of Genesis and in Deuteronomy as well. Now: the United States has the symbol of the outstretched wings of the Eagle according to the 18th chapter of Isaiah. This was the symbol of Manasseh and Manasseh carried this emblem.  But into Manasseh was to come, the gathering of all the branches of the House of Israel until this nation would be the symbol of the "New Order of the Ages", into which the whole white race, united would lift up the standard of the Kingdom and move into a Theocracy or God rule.

    Remember going back then, that Joseph was the Shepherdand did provide the strength.  And today the British are a Commonwealth of nations, but did you know that the British Commonwealth was not set up until after the United States became a nation?  When we fought our rebellion against the British or England the British Commonwealth was not set up at that time.  Where as they had gone out and set up colonies, they were not yet a Commonwealth.  England was the power, but in 1776 we declared ourselves free of England thus we had our independence.  And it wasn't until 1812‑1813 that they set up the structure of the Commonwealth.  Therefore Manasseh, the first born preceded Ephraim as a nation, andthis is rather unique don't you think.  If you go back into the history of the two sons of Joseph then you see that Manasseh was really born first.  This is a matter of interest, in the days that Ephraim and Manasseh as tribes were captured by Sannacherib the Assyrians didn't get all of those tribes at the same time.  If you go back and check, in the measure, the difference in the taking into captivity between Ephraim and Manasseh is the same as the difference in the years of 1776 and 1812.  So the war was going on a few years before they finally took all of Ephraim and Manasseh captive, and thus 2520 years to the day, July 4th, 1776, according to the chronology of the Sumerian Empire, until the final defeat of Ephraim.

    You can say today that Anglo‑Saxondom has been pre‑eminently the most powerful force, and today the outstretched wings of the American Eagle has been the poling strength.  So out of the House of Joseph by symbol was to come the Shepherd of Israel, the Stone, the Kingdom.  And the Kingdom of God is made up of Living stones fitly framed together, the whole thing a Holy Temple unto God.  It is on the seal of your nation (the Pyramid) this is the stone of Israel and YAHSHUA is the chief Capstone.  And in this

instance remember that the throne is not in Judah, it has been picked up and moved into the House of Joseph.  Under this instance remember He said: "I have caused the Green tree to dry up and the dry tree to flourish."  The 10 tribed Kingdom carried into captivity was called "the dry tree" because it was away from the true center of worship which was the Temple at Jerusalem at the time.  But after the 10 tribes broke away from Judah and Benjamin their strength, the strength of Judah and Benjamin also was weakened and then they were taken captive by Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon, and they then took Zedekiah away, and his sons were executed, all of them.  But Jeremiah escaped with Tea Tephi the daughter of Zedekiah and some of that household.  He took them first into Egypt to Taphanes, and then from there out through the Mediterranean though the pillars of Hercules on the ships of the Phoenicians who were also Israelites of the tribe of Dan. And they went up to Britain, to Ireland first, and Jeremiah married the daughter of Zedekiah to Heremonn the King of Ireland, a descendent of the Jeroboam‑Davidic seed line on that side (Zerah).  Thus reuniting again, the green tree, the dry tree.  And now the dry tree flourishes and thus the seed of David is joined to another seed of David and thus the transplanting of the Kingdom took place.  This is when the cellars of salt and all those things now used in the Coronation of the Kings in Britain was moved to Ireland.  And Ireland in Taras Hill is where you find the tomb of Jeremiah. Now remember that they knew all these things when the Apostle Paul went to Britain.  Remember that Joseph of Arimathea owned the tin mines at Cornwall, and the hides of the land at Glastonbury.  And the first Christian Church, the first Abbetry was built on those lands.  Jesus had been to Britain in his teens on the ships of Joseph of Arimathea, and he came again in his twenties and built the Wattle Church at Glastonbury with the assistance of students from the Druid University who had accepted HIM as a Grand Master, acknowledge Him as a man who came from God, until finally they said: "Behold! This is the Grand Master of the Universe."  Again this was the two schools of Wisdom acknowledging Christ as Supreme.  This is all a part of British history, but you can go over there and find the Tomb of Mary because after Christ's ascension Joseph of Arimathea took Mary to Britain and she lived out her life span there, and her tomb is in Britain, so also many of the Disciples went to Britain but that is another story.

    As far as the House of Joseph is concerned it has been the leadership, the Shepherd of Israel.  The fact is, almost every royal line in the entire all of Europe among the white nations, inter‑married or were offspring of that Kingdom in Britain.  And for a long time the British Empire ruled the waves, and held back the pagans and were the strength that actually saved Europe as far as being Mistress of the seas.

    Now: the Germanic line, the true Judah line used to hold the Eastern wall, all the way from Romania north.  Their strength kept the hoards from taking over Europe especially from the time of the turning back of the Mongols in the days of the Confidant between the Pope and Martin Luther.  All this fulfills the exact prophecy which Christ gives to John in Revelation concerning certain measures which we won't go into now.  But as to the alignment of these forces, at no time does the balance of power move out of the Anglo‑Saxon leadership.

    We well know that America has been the balance of power in the 20th century.  Today we provide the pole leadership between communism and the anti‑communist world, and it has been America verses Russia everywhere.  Whereas the white race is only 1/6 of the worlds population still we are the technological superiors.  The problems we have today do not come out of our ability, they come from the 5th column we were told would come in.  These unassimilatable enemies of our society, enemies of Christianity, who supported and spread the Communist revolution.  If we had leadership like Patton, or George Washington, or McArthur we wouldn't have a communist menace, we would have whipped it long time ago. But instead we have had appeasers for we are in a cycle of Jacobs trouble.  Still all the white nations have to look to America for leadership and if America folds up then communism sweeps the world.  But YAHWEH says: "In the last days I am going to join another stick of power to the House of Joseph, and this is the stick of Judah and it unifies the stick of Joseph and makes them one stick in MY HANDS."  The stick of Judah is Germany and the stick of Joseph is the Anglo‑Saxons and they are to be brought together as one strength against who, the Anti‑Christ, but this does not occur until the hoards attack, and then the scripture says: "Save the tents of Judah first."  Well, alright they are right in the nut cracker of an invasion route into Central Europe.  And thus remember that you have the Lion of Judah ruling in Joseph symbolically holding the throne until The Christ comes to take it.

Question:‑‑‑Is David of Joseph?

Answer:‑‑‑No, David is of Judah.  But remember that it was into the House of Joseph that the throne was transplanted after the fall of Judah to Babylonian captivity.

Question:‑‑‑Then does Germany carry the symbol of the Lion?

Answer:‑‑‑No Ephraim carried the symbol of the Lion, the couch is on the deep, in other words it starts as an Island Kingdom, whose Empire becomes a naval Empire.  The Unicorn was to be another mark of the House of Joseph, that is the two emblems of the British Empire, the Lion and the Unicorn.

Question:‑‑‑Well, then Manasseh is to be called Israel?

Answer:‑‑‑Well again, Jacob‑Israel said: "Let my name (Israel) be called on these two lads." (Ephraim and Manasseh) WHY?  Because so strong was Racial that it was fetish. These two sons of Joseph and Asneth the daughter of Pontipher the priest of On, this line through Asneth is the Priesthood that continued on from the days of Enoch and Job. Jacob knew this and he wanted this to go down in record that this was acceptable Israel seed, so he said: "Let my name (Israel) be named on these two lads."

    Today you have a lot of silly people running around saying Joseph married an Egyptian, but Joseph married a Sethite, a descendent of the Priests of On who had been in that land since the days when Enoch and Job went into that land carrying the "EYE of YAHWEH", those great reflector disks and they conquered the land.  They went into that land to build the city of On, and the Great Temple, and the Pyramid and other things.

Question:‑‑‑Well, then these Sethites are included in thewhite racial line today?

Answer:‑‑‑Well, there probably isn't many of them left because we absorbed them.  This is just like Manasseh in 800 B.C. as they came into the waters of the Caribbean on the ships of the Danites.  They were accepted right away because the Mayas were waiting for the return of the Quetzals, or the sons of God.  Thus parts of the tribe of Manasseh came into this continent early, they were the early ones of the race who came first.  And they became the leaders of the Mayas and the Toltecs.  They built cities which later the Asiatic Aztec occupied, but in this instance you see this our emblem, the Eagle everywhere.  It is in Mexico, it came in with Manasseh to the Mayas, and you still carry this identity, you still have this leadership capacity.  Today you have the white Cherokee, the white Sioux which were of Manasseh seed, and they have been mostly absorbed.  But you also have the Asiatic Indians and they are different.  But why can't you go out and find the white Indians today, because they were absorbed into our race as the next wave of white men came along.  Thus you don't find the true white tribes anymore because they were absorbed, but the others you find easily.  This is what happened in Egypt the Sethites were absorbed back into the line because they were of the same seed.

    Remember the scripture says that those of your race were not to marry a Cainanite, a Hittite, an Amorite and goes ahead and names them all.  You can't marry a Negro, a Jew, a Chinaman, or a Jap so it carries on.

    Now: in this instance there were people in Japan who were white, they came and they came from Ammon the nephew of Abraham.  And there are still some Ainu over there and they are white people, but they are still different, and there has been some contamination, but there are still Ainu.

    Now: as to different people there was also the Sumarians and the Samaria came from the sunken continent of Mu, they were the last of the rulers of Sumar Dynasty, or Ra‑Mu, which is an old, old word and means rulers of the Mu, the Kings of Mu or rulers of the Sun, for Mu was known as the land of the Sun so there are some of these people over there in Japan as well.  Then down on the Island of Tehait, and also Samoa and all these Israel we can trace by the emblems, the marks of their history.  Archaeology has made terrific jumps in the last 20 years, as well as anthropology, in the study of Ethnic history, but what it will make in the next 5 will surpass anything which has ever happened.

Question:‑‑‑I have always been a little hazy on this thief thing, when Jesus said: "Today thou shall be with me in Paradise", was this below ground?

Answer:‑‑‑I don't like to get involved in that, I know where this was but its hard to make people believe it.

Question:‑‑‑Well, I have always believed it was inside the earth.

Answer:‑‑‑Well, you are right.  What people don't know is that there is more tillable land inside the earth than there is outside.  Because 2/3 of the outside  surface of the earth is covered with water.  But two of the biggest of the continents sunk into what was subtrannean seas, but only surface subtrannean seas because the crust of the earth in someplaces is 14 miles through and some places as much as 2,000 miles, but they know that the earth is hollow.  They know that this fire theory is hooey, they know that where you get fire is where certain chemical conditions exist under extreme weight and pressure.  That is the reason why all portions of the earth between the outside and the inside are not hot.  You can go down in some mines and they are real hot, and in others they are real cold.

    There was a hole at either end of the earth which used to be entrances, now both are covered with ice, and they are called the gates to the inner earth.  I can show you in the scriptures where it talks about these gates.  Enoch was permitted to see the northern entrance when it wasn't covered with ice and snow, Enoch saw the gates.  Ice ages covered the gates and left them covered this last time.  There have been openings and they have been sealed up again, this is a long story.  But I will tell you this about this entrance to the Inner earth.  There is a Celestial world, a Terrestrial world, and a Nether world.  And the Nether world was within the earth and it became the abode of these Terrestrial, now fallen beings of spirit.  And also there were residents in there, a little people in the earth who we know from the records of Enoch who were not as tall in stature as Adam and Eve.  And this is why they were separated, why Adam and Eve were separated from all others.

    Now: God planted a garden eastward in Eden, and this garden was separated from people.  And if you will read, when Adam and Eve violated Divine Law they were driven out upon the surface of the earth.  If they were driven out upon the surface of the earth they came from the inside didn't they?

    Now: have you ever heard of the book of Adam and Eve?  In its original form it is excellent, but its hard to get a copy which hasn't been mutated by Rome a little.  But in the original you will read how they were driven out through the caverns and out upon the face of the earth.  And Lucifer and many of these fallen Angels were bottled up according to the book of Jude, in the inner earth, so there was different dwelling places there.  Remember Lucifer had an inner Kingdom under Beelzebub, and he could come and go from this kingdom.

    Today we know that there were little people in the inner‑earth, and we find them showing up through all the background stories, and the Incas also knew all about the inner caverns systems of the earth, because where did the Incas go when they got in trouble?  They went inside the earth, and they didn't come out.

    Now: there are certain entrances into the inner earth, and one of them is the Gobi Desert entrance.  But Watcher Angels were to keep in certain of the fallen Angelic hosts until the last end of the struggle, and this is why that in the book of Revelation that we find that they come up like clouds to join the Anti‑Christ in this last struggle in their battle against the Kingdom.  This is why we are going to be very glad to have all the hosts of heaven, and all the family and all the fleets of Michael to come join us.

    Now: You can't get in to this inner earth right now because, our battle is with the flesh and blood, real tangible forces of Lucifer plus we have certain areas where psychic forces against the Kingdom, but this fight is not for the layman, this is for those whose spiritual leadership understand this fight, and may immunize their people.  But at the same time your hosts have to come from Spiritual forces which are called in for shielding protection.  Because you can't fight what you can not see, what you are not aware of. This has to be done by Spiritual power, by Guardian Angels. And God always has an area of His ministry which knows this. But in a little bit this will be so well known that it will be easier to tell.  But you see, people are only able to erect what they have an image of, as it is brought to their remembrance.  This can happen to you because your race alone can do this.  His Spirit can bring all things to your remembrance, so you had to have known these things once or you could never have remembered them.  And if you hadn't been with Him before these things happened they couldn't have beenbrought back to your memory.

    Remember when Jesus was crucified, remember what He did? He left His electronic body which was made up of the elements of matter, which was hanging on the cross, and his consciousness now in his Celestial body which is made of Light, immediately went down into the Nether World, and here He preached to the children of Adam.  All of them right up to his time were all held in the Nether world.  Now Satanic forces couldn't torture them, but they were bound, by the violation of Divine Law when our race fell under the Luciferian seduction.  Where as we were justified by covenant, still they awaited the atonement to set them free. And therefore the area called Paradise is in the center of the earth, but there was a gulf between Paradise (original garden of Eden) where the Adamic race was held in captivity as they died (after the fall).  So remember Jesus said to thethief on the cross, "This day shalt thou be with me in Paradise".  Then you read the Gospel of Nicodemus and youfind that Jesus went down and preached to the sons of Adam,and took them out of this part of the Nether world where they had been held.  Took them out while Lucifer and Beelzebub screamed and hollered at each other, but all left in the Nether world after Christ ascended was their own kind and the Asiatics.  But Jesus took the Adamic people into that area called Paradise and introduced them to the thief on the cross (an Israelite).  So now remember that the book of Nicodemus records this, but also the Apostle Paul says that one of the things God did was to go down and preach unto the spirits in prison and then brought "Captivity captive".

    There is not one single white man in the Netherworld today.  There is not one single spirit of the Adamic race which does not go back into the dimension from whence it comes.  People have always tried to add more to the judgement than there was, but "The wages of sin is death", this was a loss of immortality, it wasn't torture and flaming fires later.  And the catastrophe of men who violated Divine Law have to be paid for while they live.  You don't pay for it somewhere else.  In fact the thing Christ wanted to save us from was this error, this violation of Divine law which is sin, save people from the consequences of this error.

    But we, an intelligent people cooked up this superstition (hell) which would make the Cannibals look wise.  I happened to have an Adventist friend who is down in Africa with a missionary and all the missionaries in the areas were working together trying to combat disease, and in the midst of this they were trying to convert this Cannibal Chief.  So they preached him a sermon and told him all about Christ, and he listened because it didn't make any difference to him, this was just a story.  But finally he said: "What happens if I accept?"  They said: "Oh, then we will give you all this wampum, this calico out of Woolworth's, we will give you all this, and all the Christians at home will help support you. And then when you die you will go to heaven."  This is of course a lie, for if you didn't come down from heaven you don't go back there.  But then the Tribal Chief said: "What if I don't accept?"  So they said: "You will be put in a great big fire when you die, and be burned and burned, and tortured and tortured, and this never stops, it will hurt and

hurt and you will burn and this just goes on forever."  The chief studied for a while and then said: "I don't like your God, I like mine better, we kill and eat them but they don't burn forever."  This Adventist friend said: "You know, that shook me and I have never gotten this out of my system yet." Well, I just had to finish that one.  Ha!

    But you see we have a God who out tortures a Cannibal god?  You may torture a man on a 'spit' but it doesn't last long.  But what kind of a god would he be to sit back with a smug look and watch this burning forever and forever?  He would do this to satisfy some injured area of his own nature? Any god who would have to pacify his own nature with a permanent torture chamber is like pulling wings off of flies, I don't want to like  him either.

Question:‑‑‑In this dimension where in Paradise is removed from Sheol, in the Gospel of Nicodemus, it tells about some of these men coming and walking the streets of Jerusalem, so where did these men go after that?

Answer:‑‑‑They ascended when Christ ascended.

Question:‑‑‑They didn't return back into the earth at all?

Answer:‑‑‑No, probably Michael took them out, just like Christ walked into that cloud, you don't know what is in the cloud.

Question:‑‑‑Does each of these white spirits depart the same way?

Answer:‑‑‑Well, we are surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses which you can't see.

Question:‑‑‑Then we stay here?

Answer:‑‑‑No, not necessarily, but you are going to be free, not tied down either, but you will do exactly what the Father has planned for you.  When you go back into the Celestial plain there is no error, there at all, and immediately you will know, as you are known.  As far as some, they may be around here close until this is all done, and some may be the

catalyst of spiritual influence.  The vastness of the sidereal system is tremendous, the known center of the Universe is the Pleaides, but my goodness, just in this solar system around here there is lots to do and see.  So there are a lot of places they might come and go from.  When the Apostle Paul went out into the heavens he couldn't tell whether in the body or the spirit.  And if you read the Apocalypse of Paul you will see that he met people who had passed on, and one who had come back and been martyred, but also there he saw people coming and going from all over the Universe.


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