1844  By: Reverend W. A. Mahan


            Here is another book review from the Swift Library. At first glance the  title might distract your interest. However it is by a Christian Minister  and since the book was reprinted in 1923 then perhaps Judean became Jew as  is most often the case. This minister did not stress the difference between  Jew and Israel but he pointed out recorded facts and they are quite interesting.

            Since we have given you the plans of our enemy for this 'New Age' we as  well as this Christian minister are always looking for conformation of the  Historical fact that there was such a ONE as...YAHWEH in the flesh as  YAHSHUA‑Saviour...called Jesus of Nazareth. In this small book written by  this Christian minister we believe he found these old records which he was  looking for.

            Our Author thinking that no event of such importance to the world, as the  death and Resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth could have inspired without  some record being made of it by..His enemies, the courts, legislators, and  historians, then our Author set out to investigate this subject, to see  what he could find as to old records. After consulting many various histories, and corresponding with many scholars, our Author persuaded two learned  men, Dr. McIntosh and Dr. Twyman, to go with him to Rome to that Great  Vatican Library, and then on to Constantinople to the Library established  in that city by the Christian Emperor Constantine. These three men would  take with them scribes to help record what they would find.   At the Vatican Library there in Rome our Author and his friends were  escorted into a great room at least 300 feet square. Here they saw many men  who were priests and officers busy copying the papers brought to them by  the officers. In this great room there were hundreds of paintings and our  Author noticed hundreds of 'glass eyes' with golden lids and lashes, and  was told that these eyes were to represent...The All Seeing Eye...but they  were also the Light of this great room. Pastor Mahan said he thought he  almost saw those many eyes...wink.

            The text our Author and friends ask for were brought to them and most of  the Scribes and Dr. Twyman were to stay here in Rome to copy from the great  books while Dr. McIntosh and Reverend Mahan would go on to Constantinople  to the Great Library..the St. Sophia Library. Dr. McIntosh tells us that  all those Talmuds which we have been told that were burned by Gregory VI  were the Talmuds of Babylon, but the records of the Talmud of Jerusalem,  and the records of the Jerusalem Sanhedrin were safe and in this St. Sophia  Library in Constantinople. Therefore we tell never get discouraged thinking  the old records are destroyed for YAHWEH has a habit of preserving those  records of the development of His plan.

            Now;...our Author tells us that the Hebrew word...'Lamod' signifies to  teach, or to teach by tradition. In otherwords the child learns from the  father. From this word..'Lamod' comes the word Talmud. Thus in the beginning what the word Talmud meant was..TO TEACH BY TRADITION.   Our Author tells us that today there are many volumes of the Jewish  Talmud taken from this old scroll found there in Constantinople called 'The  Jerusalem Talmud'. The Jewish Rabbis however have written and revised and  added information they have decided is needed, and they in the beginning  took from this old scroll which is described as about 20" wide and rolled  around a Windlass. It was written on parchment or papyrus.   Our Christian minister Author and his friend began to study this old  scroll and here in this little book were some of the things they found  which our Author thought would be of much interest to the people of North  America.


            The most important part of this Scroll or Talmud is the Mishna, from its  name we know this is 'The Law given to Moses for the Israel nation. It contains the laws of nations which the Sanhedrin of Israel thought were compatible with the laws of YAHWEH (God). The Author and his friend also found a  book of 'the law' which was translated and compiled by Hillel...and this  was a very useful reference book.

            The next part of the Scroll was the 'Tosephta' which in Hebrew means  'Treatment', and this contained mainly the rituals of the Temple service.  Our Author reports that this part contains the finest system of morals in  the world. And he uses the word Hebrew as he describes the 'works' of this  Ancient Scroll.

            Next came the 'Mechilta' meaning government in Hebrew language. This  tells of the organization of the Sanhedrin, and its power..the higher  Sanhedrin consisting of 70 members where as the lesser Sanhedrin contained  24 members. These two legislative bodies had control of the whole Israelite  Commonwealth. There was the court of the Elders and Priests..consisted of  12 men, with the High Priest of Israel as chairman. It decided all appeals  and could not be appealed from. (Unquote)

            As you know when Jesus of Nazareth was tried in Jerusalem the Israelites  had lost control of their nation, and the Temple now standing in the city  of Jerusalem was Herod's Temple..a ONE WORLD TEMPLE. The Israelites no  longer controlled their Sanhedrin and the number was greater than 70 as  well at this time. Edomites..Herodians..Cainanites were now in control of  this Temple alto Israelites still went there and we would say..this again  was a case of 'Good Figs' caught in the 'Bad Figs' religion. The Jews had  also lost control of most of the nation, for Rome now had 100 soldiers  stationed in Jerusalem, but they still controlled the Temple for Rome had a  tendency not to interfere with the religion of the areas they took over.   Our Author as he and his friend studied the Ancient Scroll tells us that  the Israelite government if it had been in control of the land would  (quote) have a criminal brought before the final court, and even there they  went thru a preliminary trial in order if possible to bring the criminal to  an acknowledgment of his crimes. Why the hurry then in the trial of Jesus  of Nazareth, holding his trial at night? He should have been sent to the  Roman authorities for their approval. After that sent back to the Sanhedrin  with the charges all written out, and the names of the witnesses by which  these things had been proven...also written down. If the Sanhedrin approved  then the prisoner was sent back to the High Priest for his final trial.  This last court of 12 men required by the Israelite law..would see that  this court would fast and pray for one whole day before the trial commenced. Then they were required to bring the Urim and Thummim out of the Holy  Place where they were kept, and place them before the High Priest who was  closely veiled thus symbolizing God doing his work in secret or quietly.  (Unquote)


            You will remember that the Urim and Thummim were no longer in the Temple  at the time of The Christ..hadn't been for a long time.


            But there was also more to this system of finding a prisoner guilty...  (Quote) A final delay of any conviction was when two men stood at the door with a red flag, another sat on a white horse some distance on the  road which led to the place of execution. These men constantly cried the  name of the criminal, and his crime, asking who were the witnesses, and  called upon any person who knew anything in favor of this one condemned,  asking them to come forward and testify. After the testimony was all taken  then the 11 men of this High Court cast lots and showed their decision to  the High Priest who then went to the basin, and washed their hands in token  of the innocence of the court, thus testifying that the criminals own  action had brought about condemnation on himself. This was a signal, and  the soldiers then took the criminal to the place of execution and put him to  death. Our Author thought this long drawn out Israelite custom would surely  have discouraged people from committing crimes. Our Author calls attention  to what happened as Jesus of Nazareth was tried, and he stresses that the  soldiers who brought Jesus before the High Court were Jewish soldiers..that  it was the Jews who cried for the death of YAHSHUA‑Jesus and when they saw  Pilate wash his hands they went wild. Our Christian minister then asks:..  (Quote) If Jesus as a man turns this act into a blessing, would that change  the guilt and intention of the first party? (Unquote)

            As our Author and his friend studied the Mechilta of Israel they saw that  the Israelite commonwealth was divided into districts, such as Galilee and  Judea. Each district had its own courts, its legislatures presided over by  a Magistrate, who was an officiating Priest. If anyone would read the  Mechilta they would see that the Government of the United States of America  was based on this outline, and realize that the laws of this Israel nation  were all dictated by the God of Heaven, and maybe then we should appreciate  them the more.

            The Saphra means in the Hebrew language..Corner Stone..or foundation Rock  ..just showing that all these laws were founded upon God's word or authority. Our Author tells us that he would liked to have read these old records  found here in Constantinople for a full year and reported on the content to  Americans, for he is sure they would have been interested. But perhaps this  report he has put together will stir American scholars so these things will  be brought before the reading world. Our minister Author also warns the  reader not to trust the printed copies of the Jewish Rabbis..but to go  direct to the original manuscripts and see what is written by those  authors.

            There is one more old book of Israelite records that they found and this  was the Sephri which was a chronological and biographical work. It is most  important because it gives the history of the Great events, gives the names  of the actors in each event, and gives detailed account of births, lineage,  deaths, as well as the wise sayings of such as Abraham, Joshua, Moses,  Daniel, Solomon and many others. Our Author believes this great work would  be of deep interest to the American people, if it could only be published.  However today there is still the great possibility it would be corrupted,  however the old record is there.

            Then there is the Pesikta and the Midrasham...these are sermons, and wise  sayings of great men of all ages, the decisions of the Greater Sanhedrin on  points of law, doctrines, and many other questions of grave importance.  

Now; bear in mind that these old records are in this Talmud from the  Israel Sanhedrin, in Jerusalem. The Books by Hillel II were compiled soon  after the destruction of the Holy City so that they might be preserved. We  are not told as to the year these records were made, but we would surmise  that it was soon after the Israelite Temple was destroyed. Our Author tells  us that other translations were made by the Jews to be used in their dispersion and these were called..'The Nagad' and the 'Kikhil' and the 'Midrash  ..all were prepared by Jewish Priests from the Israelite Original, but you  would not expect them to say anything in favor of the Christian religion or  its origin. In their writings we would not expect to find anything about  Jesus of Nazareth, but this does not mean those records are not to be found  for you can go to the original and find the truth.

            Our Author tells us that 'The History of Josephus' as read in this country is merely an extract translated from the manuscripts originally by Ben  Gorion a Jewish Rabbi, and then by Havercamp of Amsterdam in 1726. No wonder the book by Josephus is titled..'The History of the Jews' even tho  Josephus himself says he was from the royalty line of the Asmonanians...Israel. But then so many translations of the old records has had Jewish help..and our Author now gives us such an example:..This is from a 'so called' reformed Jewish enemy of the Christian church. This  Priest tells us..Yes..Jesus of Nazareth was crucified and at that hour  there was a terrible earthquake, and a mist arose and covered that area for  three hours. Yes,..Jesus was the son of Mary..a virgin..was worshiped by the Magi, was taken into Egypt, yes the babes were murdered in Bethlehem,  and there was a baptism by John, and the descent of the Holy Spirit in the form of a dove. And as to those MIRACLES THAT JESUS DID..NEVER DOUBT AS TO  THE FACT THAT HE DID MIRACLES, BUT THOSE ARE ATTRIBUTED TO THE ART OF MAGIC  HE LEARNED WHILE IN EGYPT. (Unquote)

            Oh! come on now, learned them in Egypt as a baby? At least He confirmed  many of the events which did happen. Our Author tells us that these absurd  things are not found in the records unless the Jews tried to use them  against the Christian religion.

            Pontius Pilate is said to have sent an account of all things relating to  The CHRIST to Rome and the Roman Emperor Tiberius asked the Senate to  enroll The Christ among the Roman gods. The Emperor threatened to punish the  accusers of the Christians. (Quote) the commentaries, or public  writings and you will find that Nero was the first who raged with the  Imperial sword against this sect..called the followers of The Christ then  rising at Rome. Our Author suggests that if there was no such records would  these men have made such appeals. And if they were not there could such  things have been forged or palmed off on the Roman Senate? It seems that to  but ask this question is enough.

            There are many, many records of the events as Our Saviour walked the earth ..a man among men. They are there to be discovered when Israel removes the blinders from her eyes.

            While in Constantinople looking for historical records as to this ONE  called Jesus of Nazareth, Reverend Mahan saw something else very interesting. It seems that Constantine the Roman Emperor was a great lover of the  Christian religion. And Constantine had 50 copies of the Scriptures made  and placed in the public library for preservation. These big books were so  large that it took two men to open one page at a time. And our Author found  one of these volumes with the Emperor's name upon it. He received permission to look thru it and found it to be written on the finest of parchment  in a large Latin characters and very easy to read. The book was about 2 1/2  by 4 feet by two feet thick and was bound with gold plate..the finest of  gold plate on the front. A 12 inch by 16 inch cross with a man hanging on  the cross was on the front of the book with the Inscription..'JESUS THE SON  OF GOD, CRUCIFIED FOR THE SINS OF THE WORLD.' As far as Reverend Mahan read  there was nothing significantly different than our Bible except maybe more  clearly written.

            On the front page of this great Bible was Constantine's letter telling of  his instructions for the making of the 50 copies of sacred Scripture. Our  Author then asks:..if there never was such a man as Jesus of Nazareth  called Jesus The Christ, if he was never born at Bethlehem, if HE never had  any disciples, if there was no record of any of these things then why would an Emperor have 50 copies of this Scripture made?...some are still available thus we know they were made.

            The next report given us by our Author is a recorded interview with one  called Jonathan...remember our Author told us not to look to the writings  of the Jewish Rabbis for truth. In this report we find some perhaps mix up  but still many interesting things so will give you an outline of this report.

            Jonathan son of Heziel went to interview the Shepherds and others as to  what occurred the night The Christ child came to earth. Jonathan then made  his report to the Masters of Israel..servants of the true God. The Shepherds told him that the night was cold, some made fires to warm themselves, the sheep and some of the Shepherds were asleep..than all at once  everyone was awake and asking:..'What does all of this mean?' All at once  it was as Light almost as day and the air seemed filled with human voices, saying:...'Glory Glory to the MOST HIGH GOD..Happy are thou Bethlehem for  God hath fulfilled His promise to the Fathers, for in thy chambers is born  THE KING that shall rule in righteousness.'

            The Shepherds said this singing would rise up to the heavens, then sink  down in mellow tones and roll along the foot of the mountains, and then die  away in the most soft and musical manner. Then begin again high up in the  heavens, and descend then once more. The Light would seem to burst high in  the vaults of the sky then descend in softer rays and Light up the hills  and valley. At first the Shepherds said they were afraid but as they listened to the music it seemed to calm their fears and fill their hearts  until they only wanted to give thanks. They said this strange Light was  also over Bethlehem, some saw it and some did not. Some said a star had  fallen. Then Jonathan learned that in Bethlehem a Priest came out of the  Temple and began shouting and clapping his hands and people gathered around  him. He told the people that 1400 years before God had appeared to Abraham,  and told him that in time he would give a Saviour to Israel to redeem them  from their sin. One of the signs of HIS coming would be that Light should  shine from above and Angels would announce His coming. That people should  rejoice as the Virgin brings forth her first born. Then the Older Israelites went into the Temple in Bethlehem and remained there praising and  giving thanks.

            A report also was found confirming the coming of the Wisemen. Thus all  the words spoken by the prophets in regard to the works of God on earth  have been fulfilled with the birth of the child of Elizabeth and now this  babe born to Mary. The whole chain of prophecy is fulfilled in this babe,  but the development is only commencing..thus said the report.             For ages Israel has stood, hope never dying in the Hebrew hearts, and has  been the only appointed source of knowledge of the true God preserved. And  this day she stands as the great factor, and center around which all  nations of the earth must come for instructions to guide them, that they  may become better and happier. If these secret scrolls from God by the hand  of Moses are to be lost to the world this would be worse than putting out  the sun, moon, and stars of night, for this would be a loss of sacred Light  to the souls of men.

            Reading all the scrolls of God we find that the totality of all the  prophets go to bear out this idea...that all have reference to this babe of  Bethlehem...for only God Himself could give such prophecies, and then make  them come true. Who but God could cause this Light to come down out of the  heavens, and send Angels to declare that this is HE who was born King in  Judea.

            In the next report the men read...Gamaliel was sent to interview Jesus of  Nazareth as well as Joseph and Mary and others connected with this family.  There are some tampering with this report and I will give you an example  soon, however the theme is here, the facts as we know them are here. Mary  was a Virgin, both she and Joseph had been visited by Angels and also  Elizabeth as well, and she also produced her child on time. We are also  given the name of Mary's mother which was Anna...altho I disagree as to her  lineage.

            As to Jesus there were many different ideas as to who He was. One man  said that many of the statements of Jesus were like sealed letters, not to  be opened but by time. Again a Grain of mustard was to grow into a great  tree, and all His ideas seemed to refer to the future; like the parent helping the child with his burden of today, by telling the blessings of  tomorrow, and by making today the seed corn of tomorrow; keeping the action  of today under Moral control by making the morrow the day of judgment.   One man stated that Jesus was a young man who was the best judge of human  nature he had ever seen. That at times He would tell men their thoughts and  expose their bad principals, and while He had all these advantages of life,  He seemed not to care for them, not use them abusively. Another man said  the young women were fascinated with Jesus but He never seemed to notice.  However Jesus seemed fond of Martha and Mary of Bethany, and when asked  where to find Jesus...he thought probably at Bethany. As for himself, this  man said he was satisfied that this Jesus is The Christ. Describing Jesus  he said:...'If you ever meet him you will know HIM. While He is nothing but  a man, still there is something which distinguishes Him from every other  man. He is the picture of His mother, His hair is a little more golden than  hers, though it is as much from sunshine as anything. He is tall, His  shoulders a little dropped, His complexion toughened by exposure.'   Now; I will give you an example of what I call add on's to this report:   ...Speaking of Jesus...(Quote) His eyes are large and a soft blue, but  rather dull and heavy. His nose is that of a fact he reminds me of  an old fashioned Hebrew in every sense of the word.

            Gamaliel traced Jesus from His conception to that present time, and here  in his report to the Masters of Israel he told them that he had reached the  conclusion that this Jesus of Nazareth was the Saviour Israel was looking  for. That Jesus fulfills the prophecies of Isaiah 7:14..'Behold a virgin shall conceive and bear a son, and shall call his name Immanuel'..and  Jeremiah 31:22..'How long wilt thou go about o thou backsliding daughter  (Israel) for the LORD hath created a new thing in earth. A woman shall  compass a man.' (or we would say..a woman shall conceive of the spirit) and  another..Micah 5:21 'But thou Bethlehem Ephratah tho art a little city  among the thousands of Judah, yet out of thee shall HE come forth unto me,  that is to be ruler in Israel; whose going forth have been from of old,  from everlasting.'

            Gamaliel then says:..Here O Israel, here is the city, the Virgin, the  office, His manner of life, and the hunting of HIM by the Sanhedrin. And  one more thing:..Genesis 49:..'A captive shall not depart from Judah, nor a  law maker from him until Shiloh come, and gather his people between his feet  and keep them forever.' (Unquote)

            The next report found in the great scroll in Constantinople in October  16, 1883 was the report of Caiaphas to the Sanhedrin concerning the execution of Jesus of Nazareth. Remember that Caiaphas at the time of the trial  and crucifixion of Jesus was the High Priest at this One World Temple built  by Herod...built there in Jerusalem on the same spot where once stood the  Israelite Temple. At this time in History the Edomites and Herodians were  in charge of the Temple. These people were now posing as Israelites due to  their acceptance of the rite of circumcision. Thus they claimed to be  Abrahams children since they had accepted circumcision back in the days as  the last of the Israelite High Priests...actually Hyrcanas circumcised the  Edomites and brought them into the nation of Israel where already intermarriage was being practiced.

            Caiaphas however was a Cainanite‑Herodian mixture in lineage and the High  Priest of this Temple of Herod, and now the High Priesthood was bought and  sold, no longer inherited as was the Israelite custom. Here we have this  man now in control of the Temple as High Priest trying to explain just why  Jesus of Nazareth was not accepted by the Jews, and why He was crucified.   Caiaphas said that it was not on account of personal malice, envy, or  hate, that existed in his own nature, nor for the want of a willingness  upon his part to conform to the law in its strictest sense that effected  his decision. In fact he said that he knew little personal knowledge of the  Nazarene, and most of what he knew was from outside sources. It was not because Jesus claimed that HE was the Son of God, or because He prophesied,  or ignored the Jewish Temple. There was a cause, a more weighty matter back  of all these events that controlled his actions in this matter.   Caiaphas then goes on trying to explain the Ancient Hebrew Faith which  you see that he does not have to much understanding of, and he talks about  God having several names which can be found only in the 'Ark' of the  Temple. We know of course that the Israelite 'Ark of the Covenant' was not  in this..Herod's Temple..It had been gone from Jerusalem for many years.  The Totten books and the Swift Ministry have traced these possessions of  Israel for you. Just what type of an 'Ark' the Jewish Rabbis had made for  their Temple we do not know but Caiaphas is trying to explain that Jesus  used some name that no one is supposed to be able to pronounce, and this  caused so much dissension among the Jews. Caiaphas tells us that only Jesus  could pronounce that name, but He had to steal it out of their Temple.  

Now; We have told you the name of the God of the the tape  messages from the Old Big Book, and we are not told here whether the name  Jesus used was the name of their god, but this was a very touchy subject to  Caiaphas.

            Next Caiaphas says that according to the Book of Leviticus a special  order was made by YAHWEH to Moses that we should offer the bullock, a ram,  flour and oil, and the people should fast for 7 days, for this was to be an  atonement for the sins of the people. But unless Moses was deceived and  then deceived his people,...or Jesus of Nazareth is a false teacher...for now Jesus comes saying 'Repent' (turn in your thinking) tho a man's  crime would make restitution to the offended party. (Unquote) Caiaphas not being a child of spirit could not understand what Jesus was saying or who He was. Caiaphas then says:..(Quote) 'God said to Abraham ..each and all that were circumcised should be saved. Thus Caiaphas is now  claiming 'Circumcision' as a mark of the covenant making them Abraham's children where as here comes YAHSHUA (Jesus) saying:..Repent, change your  way of thinking, the old covenant is fulfilled..finished..I bring a new  Covenant and the symbol of the New Covenant is 'Communion and Baptism'.  Jesus is also teaching that common bread and wine are to used instead of  this once a year ritual of roasting a Lamb and eating it with unleavened  bread. This is an altogether different doctrine than that taught at this  One World Temple of the Jews. In Argument Caiaphas says:..'Jesus calls  himself the SON OF GOD, claims He was born in earth of a Virgin, that HE  and HIS FATHER are ONE, they are Equal..but if He is right then the Father  is wrong. If they are ONE their teaching should be the same. If we were to  tolerate the teaching of Jesus then the Romans will say all of our former  teachings are false, and the world will lose confidence in our god, and  confidence in our claim of being a religious people. If we had accepted the  teachings of the Nazarene it would cut off, and block the way of all Jews  into Heaven. Further more the Nazarene ignores this Holy Temple built by  our Fathers. This Temple is the bond of the Jews. This Temple is where men  can come to be blessed. It is here where the foolish can learn wisdom,  where the soul can be fed, but Jesus completely ignored this Great Temple.  In fact he said that the Priests had made it a ...'Den of Thieves'. My  argument is that if this Temple be destroyed, or forsaken by the Jews, we  as a nation are finally ruined.

            Another thing..Moses said:..'The LORD thy God is ONE God'..'I am God  alone'...could I a Priest let someone come and pervert our religion? Could  I stand by and let this Temple be destroyed? Could I stand by and see all of these ordinances we have acquired be perverted by an imposter? (Unquote)   Caiaphas goes on with his explanation saying that this teaching of Jesus  was well qualified to fool the common people. And many had now forsaken the  Temple, and were failing to pay their tithe which supported the Priests of  the Temple. Jesus was teaching that now you did not have to go to this  Temple to worship God, and Jesus now had more followers than Abraham, and  they were becoming very hostile to the Jews. If it had not been for the  Roman soldiers on that day of Crucifixion Caiaphas felt that there would  have been one of the bloodiest insurrection ever known in the Jewish Commonwealth. One of the guards informed Caiaphas that there were several hundred thousand people around the hill, and altho two others were crucified  the same day, still it was this Jesus of Nazareth who was the main attraction. The people cried:..'What has HE done...take Him down' and the  soldiers had to push back the crowd. But when the Nazarene gave up the  Ghost (Spirit) it proved to the Jews that HE was just a human body, all HE  had said was a sham. And even if this had been the ONE who was to die for  many then Caiaphas claimed that he was only accomplishing God's Holy purpose, which exonerates him from guilt. Caiaphas then says that it seemed to  him that after Jesus of Nazareth spent two years in Egypt that He must have  learned the art of Magic there, and this would explain His miracles which  people testify to, but He must have learned that Art in Egypt. When John  the Baptist was at large, the Jesus in the role of an itinerant teacher and physician roused the people of Galilee to 'Repentance of sin' bring  about a restoration of the Kingdom of Heaven. He met with the same resistance as did John the Baptist among the Jews but among the other people it  was another story. The cures He wrought appeared as miracles to His followers, but seemed most ridiculous to the Wealthy and intelligent Jews.  (Unquote)

            Caiaphas then tells of how Jesus disregarded the laws of Levitical cleanness which was so important to the Shammite Jews. If fact Jesus ate with  unclean sinners, publicans, and lepers, and even permitted harlots to touch  HIM, while His disciples went so far as to eat without washing themselves.  In fact HE now looked upon the whole of the Levitical instructions, the  Temple, Sacrifice, and Priesthood as no longer worth the life of the  animal. (unquote)

            Caiaphas not being an Israelite would not understand that the Old Covenant is finished, a New and better Covenant was brought by Jesus. After all  the Jews had only their part of the old Covenant to cling to which they  thought they had taken by accepting Circumcision. Here then was Jesus destroying the Jewish theology and establishing the New Covenant which they had  no part in, with their claim of Circumcision.

            Caiaphas said (quote) that Jesus seemed to be resorting to the Ancient  method of allegorically explaining things for He wrote many good and wise  things which the Egyptian Hebrews were acquainted with. But Jesus had no  education, however He could raise the crowd to a fever pitch when HE wished  to. He would say such things as:..'Pay your taxes' is only Caesar's  money you use to pay, which is unlawful for you to have, because of its  idolatrous effigies. In fact the conduct of Jesus was so 'strange and  incompatible' with the interest of the Jews as a nation, and it seemed to  me that He was a subject employed by the Romans to keep the Jews submissive  and obedient to all the Roman tyranny and abuse. (Unquote)   As you noticed..Jesus was so far..Right..from the teaching of the Jews at  the wonder there was great conflict.

            Caiaphas goes on to say:..the reprimands of Jesus were so severe against  the Rich and the highly educated that they turned against him, and brought  all the power they had, both of their wealth and talent, so that I (Caiaphas) saw that a bloody insurrection was brewing fast. It seemed to me that  the whole Jewish theocracy was about to be blown away as a bubble on a  breaker. At this time both the doctrine, and the religion of the Jews was  spreading to Rome, and that seemed to alarm Rome, and they abolished the  Jewish religion from Rome. There never was a better man however than  Hyrcanas for the Jews enjoyed great peace during his administration.  (Unquote)

            We have told you about the race mixing during that administration and the  circumcising of the Edomites and the taking of them into Israel as equals,  to the Jews this was of course good, but for Israel it meant disaster.   Caiaphas tells us that he ordered Jesus to stop teaching, unless HE  taught the doctrine as the Jews taught. But Jesus sent word to Caiaphas  that HIS Doctrine was not of this Word (order) but had reference to the  World (order) to come.

            Caiaphas sums up his report to Pontius Pilate the Governor of the Roman  Province by listing the charges which were brought against this Jesus of  Nazareth by the High Court of the Jews. (Quote)

            1.  He is charged with teaching the doctrine that there are more gods  than one, which is contrary to the teaching of the Jewish law, and He  positively refused to desist in the presence of this court.  

2. He teaches that HE is a God..all of which is contrary to the Jewish  law, and He is very visible, and convincing. After being required to desist  by this court, most positively, HE affirms is the SON of GOD.     3. He teaches that the Holy Ghost cannot come until HE goes away which is  also contrary to the teaching of the Jews.

            4. He teaches that Baptism is the Seal of God instead of circumcision  which was established by the decree of God with Abraham, and HE has refused  to stop this teaching as ordered by this court. When asked why HE did this,  all HE would say was:..'Hitherto I work, and My father works!.' HE has  abrogated the Priesthood, and set the Temple to naught, which is the very  life blood of the Jewish faith. All these things and more did this Jesus of  Nazareth do, and these charges were written by my scribes and sent with the  officers to Pilate for his consent. (Unquote)

            We find that Caiaphas, being who he was, would try to blame someone else  for what transpired and he said:..(quote) Of course we did not expect  Pilate to execute Him as he did, but it seemed that the mob was so great  that Pilate never received my scribes. Of course I expected Pilate to send  Jesus back to the Sanhedrin for their approval, and then I would try HIM  with the regular guards as our law required, but it seemed that Pilate  thirsted for His blood. (Unquote) However we remember that it was the other  way around.

            Caiaphas goes on saying:..With these reasons for my actions I submit my  case which I am sure will be considered favorable by my masters of the  Sanhedrin. (Unquote)

            I hope that you noticed that what upset the Jews the most was this fact  that after they had taken over this Israel nation with their claim that by  the rite of Circumcision they were now part of Abraham's children, then  here comes Jesus bringing the New Covenant, the old one is finished and now  the symbol of the Covenant is Baptism..not Circumcision. Beyond this we  remember that Jesus said:...'Unto you it is given to understand (this  Gospel of the Kingdom) unto them (the Jews) it is not given.' The reason  for this being that if the Jews understood this New Covenant they would  join Israel more quickly once more so as to destroy from within.   Caiaphas did not understand but the children of Cain would of course be  expected to oppose, and this would bring to pass the working of Destiny as  it was ordained. The program of YAHSHUA in the flesh would thus  be fulfilled, and no longer would Israel need the rituals of old, these  were nailed to the Cross.


            The next report our Author lists is the report of Caiaphas to the Sanhedrin concerning the Resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth.

            In unwinding the Ancient scroll further this report came into view. It  was written in square Hebrew letters, and a person would have to understand  hieroglyphics to read it...and since there is interesting things found here  will bring it to you, altho I do not know if it is translated correctly,  but it could have happened.

            This record was found there in Constantinople in 1883 and those records  would not have been available but our Author tells us that Mohammed gave  orders to preserve in the Mosque of St. Sophia all these records that  Constantine had placed in this city.

            In this report Caiaphas says that he has been getting all the reports as  to what happened at the time of the Resurrection. The countryside was in  an uproar and threats had been made on his life, as well as on the life of  Pilate. The Captain of the guard advised Caiaphas that he should banish  Peter and John to the Isle of Crete or put them in prison to shut them up.  Caiaphas said he was sorry he put a guard at the tomb because the very  thing they had sought to prevent had happened. Caiaphas had Peter and John  and some of the women brought before him. They all tell their stories as to  how the stone was rolled away, and how Jesus of Nazareth then appeared to  His disciples and Caiaphas wondered if this could be true? The stories are  so different than when Jesus of Nazareth met the Schammites before the  Crucifixion, for HE repelled them until they shunned HIM like you would a  wolf. If HE was a King in Judea He would surely have to become popular with  the Jews, yet He did nothing to endear Himself to them. The Apostles told  Caiaphas about seeing Jesus walk on water, and to calm the wind and the  waves. Told of how He had power over death, and Caiaphas saw the trust and  confidence in these men and women and he was disturbed. But he heard this  same story from others and Caiaphas was thrown into great agitation as tho  dreading something terrible. It seemed to be as a weight around his heart  even tho he thought he had acted with the best of intentions for his  nation. However it seemed that he could not rest night or day, and he  locked his door and gave orders that no one was to come in without first  giving notice. His wife and Annas her father came to him, and then into the  room came YAHSHUA and as He stood before Caiaphas, he said his breath stopped and his blood ran cold, and he was in the act of falling when YAHSHUA  spoke saying...'Be not afraid, this is the work of the Father (Spirit). I  am the Lamb for all. This last Lamb you have slain is the ONE appointed  before the foundation of the world. This is the last is for  you also if you will accept, and Caiaphas fell on his face as tho dead. As  Annas lifted him up...Jesus of Nazareth was gone, tho the door was still  locked. Caiaphas then tells the Sanhedrin that he will no longer act as  Priest, they will have to appoint someone else in his place for he will  serve no longer.

            As to whether that report is true..or someone just wanted to 'save'  Caiaphas I do not know but it was there in the Ancient Scroll.

            Another report our Author found in this Sanhedrin and Jerusalem Talmud  was written and bound between two Cedar boards and was signed by one named  Ben Eli. This report seems compatible with out history and our Author  thought it might be interesting to you. It seems that some men came to  Jerusalem, and appeared before the Sanhedrin. These men were in search of  the Christ Child. One man was from Greece and he told a strange story. It  seems that he left the schools of learning and went to the northern part of  their nation along the coast to meditate, and try to find answers from this  Great God that he remembered from somewhere. One day as this Greek gentleman sat meditating and watching the sea he saw a ship passing by and all of  a sudden he saw a man flung overboard. The man swam to shore and the Greek  welcomed him and he learned that this gentleman was a Hebrew. As they  talked the Greek learned that this Great God of his prayers really existed.  He learned that this Great God had for ages been the law maker and king,  and that the Hebrew prophets in ages past had walked and talked with this  God, and that this ONE would come again, and they were to look for HIM in  the land of Judea where he would be born KING.

            Here then was the Greek in Jerusalem talking to those now in charge of  the Ancient Israel Sanhedrin but they said:..'no there is no one here for  you...we Jews are now the chosen people, there is nothing for the rest of  the world.' The Greek tells the Sanhedrin that one night as he sat in his  cave opening he saw a star begin to burn slowly as tho in the Sea, then it  arose and stood over his door, and he fell down and slept and he dreamed.  In his dream he heard a voice say:..Oh! Greek, thy faith hath conquered...Blessed art thou..come thou shalt see HIM that is promised, and you shall  be a witness, and the occasion of testimony for HIM. In the morning arise  and go where the spirit guides you. He then hailed a passing ship and came  to the land of Judea, and now stood before the Sanhedrin telling his story.  

The Sanhedrin then was dismissed for the day, and the next morning came a  Hindoo (Aryan) from the far east...a Hindoo from Hindustan or northern  India, and he told this story:....'My people were the first to walk in the  fields of knowledge. The 4 Vedas are the primal fountains of religion, and  useful Intelligence. From them came the 'Upa‑Vedas' which were delivered by  Brahma (the name of the Great God of the Aryans). These records deal with  medicine, archery, architecture, music and the arts. The 'Ved Angas' revealed by inspired Saints, were devoted to Astronomy, grammar, pronunciation  then charms, religious rites, and ceremonies. Such are the great books of  sacred ordinances. They are death to me now yet thru all time they will  serve to Illustrate the budding genius of OUR RACE.

            The Hindoo teach a supreme God called Brahm...the two great ideas..God  and the soul absorbed all the forces of the Hindoo (Aryan) mind. In India  there are many gods, but Brahm is said to be the Author of Our Race. Brahm  divided the course of creation into four casts. First he peopled the world  below, and the heavens above, next he made the earth ready for man nearest  in likeness to Himself, highest, noblest, sole teachers of the Vedas, which  at the same time flowed from his lips in finished state, perfect in all  useful knowledge. The Brahmin (Adamites) could not enter a lower order. If  he violated the laws of his own cast he became an outcast. I was born a  Brahmin, my life consequently was ordered down to its least act, its last  hour. I am one of the 'Twice Born', one of the first order, and I must not  violate this rule. A Brahmin's life at first is a students life. The second  order is when I was ready to marry and become a Householder. At last after  years of Life..I stood in Perfect Light, the Principal of Life..the link  between the soul and YAHWEH (God) to find this Light I followed the Ganges  to its source far up in the Himalayas. When I came to the source of the  three rivers where our Ancestors took up their first abode, I prayed for  YAHWEH to come, and take me in death. Yet a light began to glow out on the  waters of this lake, and it moved toward me, and finally stood over my  head. A voice then spoke to me saying:..'Blessed art thou oh son of India,  the redemption is near at hand. Thou shalt see the Redeemer, and be a  witness that HE hath come. Put your trust in the spirit, and follow, and  you shall see HIM, and speak to HIM, and worship HIM.'

            Next came the Egyptian in front of this Sanhedrin and he told his story:...'There are many distinctions I might claim for Our Race, but I will  mention only one, that is...history (of the Adamic race) begins with us.  Ours is the privilege to claim the first records that tell of the origin  of this Race of men (Adamites). It is ours to boast of the first Light of  the Holy religion which came from YAHWEH (God) unto (Adam) man. Religion is  merely the Law which binds man to his creator. Perfection is YAHWEH (God),  and simplicity is perfection. From our mingling of people we have divided  God until our values are lost.

            There has been two religions in Egypt for a long time, one is public, and  one is private, and that which is private must live forever. The Egyptians  have had many gods, but none can deliver like the Great God of the Hebrews.  I went into the mountains recently, and there by a beautiful lake I prayed  and to me also a star came, and stood over my head, and told me also to  come to Judea where HE was to be born KING.'

            The President of the Sanhedrin arose and smiled and said:...'If these  strangers have anything else for our entertainment let them inform us  direct. This House of the Sanhedrin will not be detained any longer listening to the histories of their countries, or their personal achievements. If  these three have any facts of interest the Sanhedrin will listen.'  (Unquote)

            The Egyptian arose again and began to speak:...'We three met on the  desert sands. As we started on our mission to Judea, suddenly there appeared a brilliant Light. We three exclaimed:...THE STAR..THE STAR, and we  followed this Light to a Joppa gate where we saw a man and a woman. The man  was old and carried a staff. The woman rode on the back of a donkey. When  she pulled the veil aside I saw a girl not over 15 years of age. Her face  was oval, her complexion pale, and her nose faultless, her lips slightly  parted, and her eyes were blue and large. A flood of golden hair floated  down her back upon the pillow upon which she was seated. She sometimes  raised her head, as tho listening to a nobler source.'

            Again the men of the Sanhedrin became restless, they had no interest in  listening to this story. However the Egyptian still wanted to talk, and he  then tells the Sanhedrin how the three had gone to the Palace and asked  Herod where this King of Israel was to be born. A scribe standing by is  said to have pointed out that it was in Bethlehem where HE was to be born  ...'Thou Bethlehem, in the land of Judea, art not the least among the  Princes of Judah, for out of thee shall come a governor that shall rule My  people...Israel. At this the three noticed the evil eyes of King Herod  resting on this parchment from which the scribe Hillel had just read this  famous quote. Herod seemed to be very angry and he remarked that he was  King under Caesar and he remarked:..'You Hebrews can be controlled further  by fiction than any people I ever saw.' Then Herod stomped out of the room  with his officers following him and with a sneer on his lips. But that  night the three were laying out under the stars and they thought of how  they at one time were listening for the voice of God, and a sign from  heaven so as to know what to do. Suddenly came Palace guards to summon them  ..Herod wanted to speak with them once more. As they were seated at Herod's  feet he asked:..'What question did you put to the officers at the North  Gate?' The three men answered:..'Where is HE that is born King in Judea?'   'Oh!' Herod exclaimed:..'I see now why the people are so excited. Is there  another king here in Judea?' The three in unison replied:..'There is an  Almighty God, and we saw His star, we each had a dream, and a voice told us  to follow where the spirit led.'  Herod smiled and replied:..'If I were to  govern by dreams I might tear the world apart'. And with this he arose and  left his throne. The guide led the three men back to the outside, and they  left, taking the road recently traveled by Joseph and Mary. Then again came  this Light, and it moved forward before them, then hovered over a house  upon the slope of the hill near the little town of Bethlehem. The three  entered and found the young mother and child. They bowed down and gave  gifts to the mother for the child. As they came out of the house the Light  was gone, which told them that their mission was ended for that time.   The three men told of going back to their own countries and telling their  people what they had seen, and how some laughed and some wept for joy, but  the old Hebrews that were scattered thru out their countries, each to whom  they related these facts held their breath in silence.

            And now the three men related that this was their story of what had happened in their life..and now here they stood once more 30 years later before this Sanhedrin and now they asked:..'If ye be masters of Israel here  in this Sanhedrin, you now have heard our stories of 30 years ago, and we  now ask you:...'Where do we now find HIM..this child of Promise?' The signs  of the times are fulfilled, the prophetic word is now complete. In the Oak  Woods of Britain, the Druids wait. In Egypt it is the same, where as in  Greece they still pause in their philosophy looking, and searching. The  world waits for a true God. Here in Jerusalem however you seem to be praying for a king to conquer, not a God to worship.'

            A young member of the Sanhedrin stood and cried:..'Where is HE..this  child born 30 years ago, have you tried to find him?'  Yes, the strangers  replied:..We went to Bethlehem and found a village still in mourning. It  seems that Herod had slain the youngest of each family...30 years ago, and  they tell us that one escaped. But...NO..HE cannot be dead. We believe He  is the truth..the only truth. The hills may turn to dust, the seas be drunk  with the south winds, but HIS word shall stand. We have seen Him as He  promised, but the Redemption, the second promise we have not seen. The  Redemption..the work for which 'the child' was long as the promise  abides, not death itself can separate HIM from HIS work, until it be fulfilled, or at least it be in the way of fulfilling. This Saviour, we saw  was born of a woman, in nature like us, and subject to our ills, even  death. But not for Himself, but for us. This the way He is to fulfill die for us. What good is there in the death of a lamb, a  bullock, yea, even of the first born. They have no redeeming qualities. The  purity of the Law requires a sacrifice as pure and Holy as the law itself.  But how long can you live on signs? Where is the sacrifice that can save us  all? WE shall see HIM.'

            But then what better way to take care of HIM in His young life, than to  pass HIM into obscurity? Therefore we say:...'HE is not dead, HIS work is  not done, and HE will come to do His work.'

            There was a pause, and then the Egyptians spoke again:..'As I sat in my  house in Egypt a few weeks ago I thought..this child must now be about 30  years of age. In what city would He begin HIS work and I thought..go back  to Jerusalem, for HE will come..I know HE will come. The Redemption will  not be for political purposes, to pull down rulers and governments to empty  thrones. HE that comes is the Saviour of souls.'

            One of the Sanhedrin members spoke up saying:..'I cannot understand this  king of a king.' The Egyptian replied:..Do not forget that it is from the  very ways of the World (order) that we are to be redeemed from.' But others  of the Sanhedrin replied:..'A king implies a kingdom, he must be a warrior  ..a kingdom will be a power against Rome.' 'No' replied the Hindoo:..'This  is a kingdom on earth, altho not of earth. It is a kingdom as sure a fact  as our hearts beat, and we journey thru it from birth to death, without  seeing yet.'

            From the shadows then arose an old Hebrew Priest and he said:..'Come with  me gentlemen, we will go and read of HIM who is King of this Kingdom.' They  went to a chamber and the Priest took forth an Ancient Scroll and began to  read:...(Quote)  'But thou Bethlehem into thy borders shall a Virgin come,  even unto Bethlehem, the least among Israel; yea out of thee shall HE come  forth to rule Israel.' Then reaching for another scroll he read:..'Behold  the day will arise..unto David..a righteous branch..a King shall reign, and  shall prosper, and shall execute judgement and justice in the earth. In HIS  days Judah shall be saved, and Israel shall dwell safely. In His day's out  of Judah shall come a king, and the Prince of the MOST HIGH shall reign  forever. HE was confined in a Virgin's womb until the time appointed, when  HE came forth. There was a Light upon earth, and the Heavenly hosts came  down to worship HIM. His dominion is an Everlasting dominion which shall  never pass away, and HIS Kingdom shall never be destroyed. The Promise of  YAHWEH to Jacob was a law under which our people have not ceased to prosper, to multiply even in captivity. They grew under the feet of the Egyptian yoke; the clench of the Romans has been but wholesome nurture to us. Do  not speak of the Israelites of Jerusalem as being all of Israel. Jerusalem  is but a stone in the Great Temple of YAHWEH (God)..count the many of  Persia, the brethren of Egypt and Africa, count the Hebrew colonists in the  West, in Britain, and Spain, in the Isles of the sea, even in the regions  beyond the Caspian Sea. Those even in the land of Gog and Magog who send  gifts yet to the Temple, count them all for you will find an army ready for  this King.'

            A great commotion then arose in Jerusalem and everyone flocked to see the  cause of this commotion, and they found a courier had arrived bearing a  letter which stated that a prophet had appeared. It seemed that this  prophet had been in the wilderness for years but now the writer of this  letter stated that..'We believe that he is a prophet, for the burden of his  speech is that he is to prepare the way for 'ONE' who is to take the world  by storm. Some people call this man John the Nazarite, the son of Zacharias  and say he is sent before the Messiah, and that crowds are gathering on the  south bank of the bend in the Jordan River as tho waiting for some great  event.

            The three strangers who had come hunting the Saviour along with others  then go out to the Jordan, and here some of the crowd tell them that this  prophet is teaching a new doctrine which the Jewish Rabbis do not like nor  understand, that the prophet calls it Repentance and Baptism.   This John the Baptist was strange of appearance, with long sun scorched  hair, and eyes that show. It was said that he had spent his childhood in  the caves with the Essenes. As the people watched they begin to notice that  a stranger was sitting close to the waters edge. His undergarment was without sleeves, and reached to his knees. He had on a loose robe of beautiful  texture with flowing sleeves, with bands of blue silk, and a girdle of  white linen about his waist. His hair was long and wavy, inclined to be a  golden color. He wore it parted in the front. His eyes were a dark blue  full of softness with long lashes. And as the people watched HE approached  the Nazarite, then suddenly a voice came out of the Heavens:..'This is my  SON (Issue) Hear ye HIM.' As the baptism progressed the opinions of the  people, especially among the Jews was varied. The Jews could not believe  that a man in obscurity could ever be king. As for the man from Egypt he  fell to his knees and said:..'I thank my God that I have lived to see the  day when once more I have seen HIM.' Here at the Jordan he had seen the  spirit more white and beautiful than ever, then a dove descended upon the  head of this 'ONE', and he had heard the spirit speak.

            The day then came when those of the Sanhedrin were told that:..'HE will  come to the Temple tomorrow. HE has 12 men with HIM. They are fishermen,  tillers of the soil, one a publican, all of the more humble class of men.  They travel on foot, careless of wind, cold, rain or sun. Seeing them stop  for the night, to see them break bread, reminds one of the Shepherds in  their encampments.

            One of the members of the Sanhedrin spoke out:..I have a poor opinion of  one who has power to convert stones into gold, and yet sees the poor suffer  for bread, and then tells them that the foxes and birds are better off than  HE here in earthly goods. He has a right to be poor by choice, but I do not  admire the spirit, if He prefers poverty over riches for himself, He has  small sympathy from me if He does not help when He could do so very easily.  Another member spoke up:..'I have no use for HIM..if He stands idle while  Rome is destroying Our Temple because people are taxed until they cannot  afford to buy the things for sacrifice. I am beginning to think He is a  Roman god for of all people He hates the Jews the most. If He expects to  find toleration from this Sanhedrin He will have to quit calling us hypocrites, and serpents, while He makes Pilate one of His associates.'   Thus spoke some who had no understanding, but the Egyptian, the Hindoo,  and the Greek were still fulfilling their work as witnesses, and now they  reported what they had witnessed. They had seen HIM cure a man of Leprosy.  They saw HIM heal ten lepers, just by telling them to obey the law, that it  was violation of law which caused all their troubles. In the act of obedience they would be healed, as he always told them to go show themselves to  the Priest as the law requires, and in that act of obedience they were  healed.

            The Egyptian made the statement that Jesus accounts Faith is the most  masterful act of obedience, for Faith in the sense HE puts it..controls the  whole of man. He preaches Baptism instead of circumcision. HE was baptised  Himself as the Beginning of the New Covenant. He seems to be God Himself,  for HE is capable of doing all that God could do. It seems that Circumcision  was right for Abraham and his followers, but today it is different for His  people. It seems that now Baptism suits them better than Circumcision.   The Priest of the Temple then broke in on this witnessing as he said:   ..'But does HE not teach that this Temple is no use, that the sacrifices  are worthless? Does HE not teach that repentance is worth more than all  other things? Does HE not assail our Priesthood, and go as far as to insult them, and call them bad names?'

            The Egyptian witness replied:..'I think HE looks upon these things in the  Light of the Spirit of God. HE in His wisdom can see the insufficiency of  these things. HE can see the unholiness of the Priest, and of the Temple  service. HE said that the Priests and Doctors of Law have so interpreted  the Scriptures until it is hard for a poor man to live. He is required to  give to the Temple service a portion of all he has, and to the service of  God a greater portion of his time. The commands have grown so fast that  there is not an hour, or a minute of the hour but there is some command to  be complied with, so that a man is kept in a momentary dread of his life  until life has become a burden, if he serve the God of Heaven. This is the  reason so many are becoming tired, and quitting the Temple Worship!'   As the Egyptian spoke one might have seen the disquiet of most of the  Sanhedrin. They almost gnashed their teeth. The President arose and stated:  ..'We must take some action now. If we let this go on our hold on this  country will be broken, our priests will have to go into the fields to pick  berries; the Temple will be deserted, and Rome will overrun our country.'  It was then decided that the High Priest and the Court of the elders would  reprimand this Jesus of Nazareth. They would have Him desist from teaching  these different doctrines, He must confine Himself to the doctrine of this  Jewish Faith, and conform to their interpretation of the rituals as taught  by Moses. HE was not to teach Baptism as a sealing ordinance. HE was to  cease His condemnation of the Temple and the Priesthood. If HE refused to  obey their orders, HE was to be arrested, and brought to final trial, and  if the High Court of the Elders, and the High Priest of this Temple deemed  HIM guilty HE must be put to death.

            The three witnesses...The Egyptian, the Hindoo, and the Greek then  quietly withdrew from the Sanhedrin as the Jews plotted their strategy.  Their work of witnessing was done, they had done their work well...the  enemy had been told altho they did not Hear.

            The day finally came when the whole world seemed to be coming to  Jerusalem for the Passover, and the Nazarene also would come to Jerusalem.  The people were excited for HE came riding on the colt of an ass, and it  seemed a strange voice said:..'Hail Master'..and then the people began to  chant and to shout...'Hosanna to HIM who comes in the name of YAHWEH', This  cry kept up for an hour, as men, women, and children of all the nations and  tongues shouted: ' the son of David.'

            As the Messiah moved thru the streets to the Temple He noticed merchants  all around selling all kinds of sacrifices, to those coming from a far  country who could not bring their sacrifices with them for this Passover  feast. The Messiah then offered one more insult to the Priests as HE took  up a goad and used it to order these Merchants to leave..saying:..'This is  a house of Prayer, not a House of trade.'

            The Shammaite school of scribes was enraged that such behavior be tolerated, but the Priests high on the Temple steps were afraid of the multitude  that cried Hosanna and wanted to crown HIM..King.

            But this was not to be and later in private the Messiah would introduce  HIS disciples to the sacrament of simple bread and wine. He told His  disciples that this was to be in commemoration of HIS own death. The shedding of HIS own blood for the sins of the world..and as He was talking the  one disciple (Judas of Iscariot) slipped away and went to the High Court  and sold HIM.

            Our Author Ben Eli..goes on explaining as to what happened at that  time:..After the supper was over, the New Feast introduced and explained,  then Jesus of Nazareth and His disciples went to the mountain to rest and  wait for developments. After the symbolic 'Cup of clear water' had played  its part then the Guard of the High Priest came and took Jesus of Nazareth  ...took THE MESSIAH to the house of Annas.  Now Annas was not the High  Priest but he was the controlling head here in Jerusalem. Then Annas sent  HIM to Caiaphas the High Priest and quickly the scribes and priests of the  Shammaite school gathered altho none of the Hillel school of Israel were  notified. Here of course of the conduct was set by Annas who had been  appointed for that purpose showing the difference in the law of the Jews,  and the laws and doctrines of Israel. Annas the leader of the Jews made his  pleading and then Caiaphas asked Jesus if He was willing to cease teaching  as He had been doing. Jesus answered:..'If you had known me you would have  known my Father, but I know who you are of your father the devil.  I do the will of My Father (spirit), and you are of your father the devil  and you will do his works.'

            At this, the whole court became incensed, and Annas said:..'What need we  of further evidence? We have heard His blasphemy ourselves..let us..away  with such a Blasphemer...away with HIM.'

  A scribe then came forward to read slowly, showing that this had been prepared ahead of time. (Quote)

            'To Pontius Pilate..Governor of Judea by Roman authority..Greetings: We  the High Court of the Jews find Jesus of Nazareth guilty of the following:  

1. Teaching that HE is god which is contrary to the doctrine of the Jews.  

2. HE teaches men to have Faith in HIM as we would in God, and that is  contrary to the doctrine of the Jews.

            3. HE insists on teaching repentance instead of a Holy Life which is  contrary to the doctrine of the Jews.

            4. HE has perverted the Holy Temple which is forbidden by the laws of the  Jews.

            5. HE teaches common bread and wine to be used in the Passover which is  contrary to the laws of the Jews.

            6. HE has blasphemed in the presence of the High Priest which is forbidden by the laws of the Jews.

            7. HE most positively refuses to desist from His wicked and perverse ways  when reprimanded by this High Court.

            8. HE teaches Baptism for Circumcision, which is contrary to the laws of  the Jews.

            Therefore it is the unanimous decision of this court that HE should die  to save this nation from bloodshed, and ruin, to save us from heresy, false  doctrine and perverse ways.  Signed by Caiaphas the High Priest.   The witness from Egypt tells us that as the mob assembled for the crucifixion that Elders, Rabbis, and some of the Sadducees came into the crowd  and served as promoters to the rabble, and every so often they would cry:.  ..'Crucify..Crucify'...and then the mob would cry the same.     The Egyptian witness followed HIM to the Cross and watched as they nailed  Him to the Cross, and we are told that after a bit it became dark, then  came the earthquake, and as the ground shook people were filled with dread.  As the Master was pronounced dead we are told here that at the foot of the  Cross lay this elderly Egyptian witness who had seen 'HIS STAR' those 30  some years and had been HIS witness all this time. Now he lay dead there at  the foot of the Cross..but perhaps HIS MASTER had said:..'Follow Me.'   Here in this report we also read of the demand of a guard at the tomb of  Jesus of Nazareth, and the report as to what happened on the 3rd., morning.   

The report to Caiaphas was that there first came a great sound as thunder  would make, the heavens flashed with brilliant Light and again the earth  quaked and reeled to and fro, and it seemed as tho the air was filled with  voices, while all around the sepulcher were ones being dressed in shrouds,  who shouted and sang praises. Then soon came the women who were friends of  the Nazarene and they found the body gone, but two Angels were sitting  there and they told them that HE had Risen from the dead. They were to go  and tell the Disciples, and this started the chain of events as that report  spread. Soon thousands went to the tomb, the crowd then gathered into small  groups and some thought His death was a sham, that HE who has been visiting  earth for some time. The crowd then went back to their homes as the controversy grew, and one of the guards on duty that night at the Tomb could not  be induced to venture out for weeks.

            Then came the report that this same Jesus of Nazareth was seen by two of  His disciples in a small country town, and they did not know Him until He  revealed Himself. They saw no nail prints in His hands, but they knew HIM,  and then HE left them. Later it was reported that He came to another disciple and said:..'Reach forth thy hand and feel the wounds in my side and  hands, and believe.' This was not necessary for Thomas now knew His LORD  and His God. But it revealed the fact that HE was seen quite often after  the Resurrection by His disciples. About a month later HE assembled them on  a mountain top, and after He had preached to others as well telling them  they must show HIS works to all flesh, that HE had died for them, and would  prepare places for them and await their coming, a bright Light like unto a  fire began to kindle around His feet. The Light grew larger and brighter  until it seemed as a bright cloud, and it bore HIM off until HE was out of  sight.

            Ben Eli in conclusion finished his report this way:..(Quote) 'I would say  to the readers of these lines, that I am not disheartened, for I believe  that the day will come when the doctrine which Jesus taught will become the  ruling doctrine of the world. Just this one precept taught by HIM is enough  to change the world:..'As ye would have me do unto the same  yourself.' This rule alone 'carried out' would do more good than all the  philosophy of the Hillelite school, or the Shammaite laws though by a thousand Sanhedrin.    Ben Eli.


            One more report to confirm our Authors contention that Jesus of Nazareth  was a Historical personage is this next report by Pilate of the arrest and  trial and crucifixion of Jesus of Nazareth.

            This report was in the Vatican Library of its 560,000 volumes and our  Author had seen and read this report called 'The Acts of Pilate' and he  thought it did not add much to the teaching of Christianity but it would be  interesting to have a copy for His Library. Thus he set out obtaining a  copy of this letter to Tiberius Caesar, the Emperor of Rome.   In this Letter Pilate tells of the trouble he has had since he became the  governor of Judea. Pilate as he arrived in Jerusalem had ordered a splendid  feast prepared and he invited the Tetrarch of Galilee and the High Priest  of the Temple and their officers to the feast. At the appointed hour no one  appeared. Pilate considered this an insult to him and to his government. A  few days later the High Priest came to pay a visit. He appeared to Pilate  as deceitful, and pretended that his religion forbade him to sit at the  table with the Romans. Pilate described him as sanctimonious, saying that  his countenance betrayed his Hypocrisy. Pilate then warned his nation to  beware of the High Priest of Judea.

            Of all the cities of this country Jerusalem was the most difficult to  govern, it seemed because of those who ruled in the Temple. Pilate soon  heard rumors about this ONE..Jesus of Nazareth, and he learned that Jesus  was more a friend of Romans, rather than of the Jews. Pilate was one day to  see this Jesus of Nazareth, and he could not help but notice the difference  between Him and the Jews. Jesus with his golden colored hair and beard gave  an appearance of a Celestial aspect, and he appeared to be about 30 years  of age, and Pilate states that never had he seen a sweeter or more serene  countenance which made the great contrast to the Jews mixed in the listening crowd, with their black beards and tawny complexions.

            Pilate's secretary was a man by the name of Manluis, he was an Ancient  inhabitant of Judea and he spoke Hebrew fluently. Pilate sent Manluis to  listen closely as to what Jesus was saying, then report back to him. After  this Pilate did not restrict Jesus in any way, in fact he extended to Him  his protection, altho it perhaps was not acknowledged or even necessary.  However Jesus was at liberty to speak, assemble, address HIS people, choose  disciples, and so forth without any hindrance from Rome. This provoked the  Jews very much, and it was true that Jesus was hard on them, especially the  leaders as HE called them 'A Den of Vipers'.

            Pilate received more and more complaints against Jesus and he was afraid  the Jews would stone him as they had other prophets. Pilate remember was of  Roman and Spanish blood, he was an Aryan, and an official of the Roman  Government, but he was a bit hesitant for some reason in summoning Jesus of  Nazareth to come to him. Finally Jesus was sent for and Pilate reports that  as Jesus came then he (Pilate) felt as tho his feet were fastened to the  floor with iron bands, and he trembled in every limb. Then Jesus walked up  to Pilate and by a signal seemed to say:..'I am here'..altho He said not a  word. Pilate as he became able to speak tried to tell Jesus that he had let  Him have this freedom of speech for these three years, but now he tries to  warn Jesus that powerful enemies have raised up against him, and they are  even blaming Pilate for not stopping Jesus from talking. Pilate tells Jesus  that he must be more circumspect and moderate in his disclosures in the  future, and even be more tender to these his enemies, or he (Pilate) will  have to use the law to stop this liberty he has allowed Jesus.  

The Nazarene calmly looked at Pilate and replied:..(quote) Prince of  earth your words proceed not from true Wisdom. Say to the torrent to stop  in the midst of the mountain gorge, it will upset the trees of the valley,  and the torrent will answer that it obeys the laws of nature, and the  Creator. God alone knows whither flow the waters of the torrent. Verily I  say unto you..before the Rose of Sharon blossoms the blood of the JUST  shall be spilt.' (unquote) Pilate tries to assure Jesus that he will protect Him, that his Pretorium would be an asylum day or night for Jesus. But  of course this was not to be and Jesus assured Pilate that 'What was  written in the Book of the Prophets must be accomplished.'  (quote) 'Prince  of earth I came not to bring war into the world, but peace, love and  charity. I was born on the same day on which Augustus Caesar gave Peace to  the Roman world. Persecution proceeds not from me. I expect it from others,  and will meet it in obedience to the Will of the Father (spirit). It is not  in your power to arrest the victim at the foot of the Tabernacle of expectation.' (Unquote)

            So saying...Jesus of Nazareth disappeared from Pilate's sight.   Now; a son of Herod...the Herod who had killed the babies in Bethlehem  ruled in Galilee, and he would have put Jesus to death immediately, but he  was afraid of Jesus for some reason he could not explain. Therefore Herod  turned to Pilate trying to find out what Pilate thought of the Nazarene. 

When Pilate replied that he thought Jesus was a great philosopher, and it  was the intention of Rome to leave Him alone, let Him do as He wished, then  Herod smiled maliciously and saluted with ironical respect, and departed.   As the day approached for the Passover feast day, Pilate learns that the  Treasurer of the Temple has been bribing people so they will cry for the  death of the Nazarene. A Roman Centurion had been insulted so as to prove  there was trouble. Pilate only had a handful of veteran soldiers here in  the city in the midst of this rebellion, and he was unable to control the seditious rabble, as they cried...'Crucify HIM..Crucify HIM'..speaking of  Jesus of Nazareth.

            The Herodians and the Sadducees hated the Nazarene, and they hated the  Roman yoke. Pilate had proposed using part of the Treasure of the Temple to  erect edifices for public utilities. The Shammah (false Pharisees) were  also enemies of Jesus, and being to weak to act by themselves had joined  the Herodians, and the Sadducees, and all three groups now plotted against  the Nazarene, and daily caused disorder and confusion in the city of  Jerusalem.

            Then Jesus was taken, at night, and dragged before the High Priest and  condemned to death. Caiaphas then sent HIM to Pilate, and Pilate saying  that Jesus was a Galilean, thus stalling events, sent HIM to Herod. But the  wily Herod sent Him back to Pilate. The wife of Pilate then came to him  and begged Pilate not to touch Jesus of Nazareth for He is Holy. She had  seen Jesus in a vision, and Jesus was walking on the water, and flying on  the wings of the wind. All the fishes of the lake, and even the tempest  were obedient to HIM. Once more they brought Jesus back before Pilate and  the mob followed. Pilate asked the people in a severe tone what they demanded and the mob replied:..'Death to the Nazarene'. Pilate asked:..'For what  cause?' They replied:..'HE has prophesied the ruin of the Temple, HE calls  Himself the SON OF GOD, the Messiah..King in Judea.' Pilate replied:..  'Roman justice punishes not such offenses with death.' But the rabble  cried:..'Crucify HIM..Crucify HIM'.

            The only one calm in the midst of this multitude was Jesus of Nazareth,  as Pilate sought for ways to protect Him from these relentless persecutors.  Then Pilate thought of a ruse..perhaps this would work. It was a custom to  deliver a prisoner on such an occasion, and perhaps the rabble would choose  Barabbas...the one who had raided the caravans coming into Jerusalem...perhaps they would allow him to be the scapegoat and this would allow Jesus  to go free. But the rabble led by the Jews would have none of this. Pilate  reminded them that according to Hebrew Law which they now professed to  follow...that no criminal judge could pass sentence on a criminal unless he  fasted one whole day, and then the sentence must be confirmed by the Sanhedrin, also no criminal could be executed on the same day his sentence was  pronounced, and then on the day of his execution the Sanhedrin was to  review the whole procedure, and other procedures must be followed after  that to see if anyone will testify in the criminals favor. Even on the way  to His execution the prisoner has a right to turn back three times, and  plead anything new in his favor. Pilate urged all these pleas, hoping it  might awe the accusers into subjection but they still cried:..'Crucify HIM  ...Crucify HIM.'

            Pilate then ordered Jesus to be scourged, hoping this might satisfy HIS  accusers, but this only increased their fury. Finally realizing he could  not stop this Crucifixion as Jesus had earlier told him, then Pilate washed  his hands of the whole ugly situation, testifying that Jesus of Nazareth  had done nothing to be worthy of death. After all it was the Life of the  Nazarene that these wretches thirsted for. 'LET HIS BLOOD BE UPON US AND  UPON OUR CHILDREN!' Matthew 27:25.

            The crowd then seemed to roll in moving waves from the Pretorium to the  Hill ..Golgotha as the rabble kept up the cry:..'Crucify HIM..Crucify HIM'.  As Jesus was thus taken to the hill an air of sadness seemed to envelope  Pilate, his guards were sent to the hill with the calvary and the Centurion  as Pilate sought to display a shadow of power, and Pilate was alone as he  listened to the Clamor from Golgotha.

            Pilate reports that a dark cloud seemed to settle over the Temple, and  over the city, as tho covering with a veil these dark events. Many were the  signs in the heavens and on earth, and Dionysus the Areopagite is reported  to have exclaimed:..'Either the author of nature is suffering or the  Universe is falling apart.' While these appalling scenes of nature were  transpiring there was an earthquake, and after that shaking was over, and  aged Hebrew, formerly of Antioch, was reported to be dead. Whether he died  from alarm or grief is not known but he had been a strong friend of the  Nazarene.

            Toward the first hour of the night Pilate tells us that he threw his  mantle about himself and went down into the city, and toward the gate leading to Golgotha. The sacrifice had now been consummated, the crowd was returning from the hill altho they seemed to still be agitated, taciturn,  gloomy and also seemed stricken by fear. Pilate saw his Roman cohort pass  by mournfully, the Standard bearer having veiled his 'Eagle' in token of  grief, and he then heard Jewish soldiers murmuring strange words he did not  understand. Sometimes as he stood watching Pilate saw groups of men and  women who would halt, and look back at the mount, and remain almost motionless as tho expecting some new thing to happen. As Pilate returned to the  Pretorium he saw an aged man in a supplant position, and behind him were  several Roman Soldiers in tears. The old gentleman then threw himself at  Pilate’s feet weeping bitterly. Pilate in his report said he had never seen  such a complete division of feelings, both on the extreme. There were those  who betrayed HIM and sold HIM, and testified against HIM and kept up the  cry:..'Crucify HIM..Crucify HIM', we will have his blood', and then they  slunk off cowardly and washed their teeth with vinegar while on the other  hand here was this aged man weeping bitterly. 'Father' said Pilate as he  regained control of his own feelings:..'who are you, and what is your request?' 'I am Joseph of Arimathea', answered the weeping man. 'I beg you  upon my knees..for the permission to bury the body of Jesus of Nazareth.'  Permission was granted immediately and Pilate also sent Manluis with a few  soldiers to help so the Jews would not hinder.

            When a few days later the Sepulcher was found empty and the disciples  were saying that Jesus had ridden from the dead as foretold, this report  created more excitement in the country. Pilate in his report states that  Malciu had placed his Lieutenant Ben Isham and 100 soldiers around the  Sepulcher. The men reported that about the 4th., watch, they saw a soft but  beautiful Light over the Sepulcher. Then the whole place lighted up and  there seemed to be crowds of dead, in their grave clothes, and all were  shouting, and filled with joy while all around, and above as well was the  most beautiful music ever heard. The whole air seemed to be full of voices  praising God. At this time there seemed to be a reeling, and swimming of  the earth, and the Lieutenant and many of the men said they felt sick, and  faint, and were unable to stand on their feet, and then their senses left  them, and when they awoke they were lying on the ground face down. Pilate  asked the Lieutenant if he could have been mistaken about the Light? No, he  was an officer of the Roman Empire and had not fallen asleep, altho he had  allowed some of his soldiers to sleep. When asked as to how long this scene  lasted he was told..about one hour. The soldiers did not go into the  Sepulcher because they were afraid, as soon as their relief came they all  went to their quarters.

            The soldiers reported that 'Yes' they had been interrogated by the Temple  Priests, who wanted them to say that all this was the results of an earthquake, and all were asleep. They then offered money to the soldiers if they  would report that the Disciples had come and took the body away. But the  soldiers had seen no Disciples, didn't even know the body was gone until  they were told. When asked his private opinion as to who this Jesus of  Nazareth really was, Pilate was ready to believe this was no ordinary human  being. After all He could change water into wine, change death into Life,  disease into health. He could calm seas, still the storms, call up a fish  with a silver coin, in its mouth. He did all these things, and even the  Jews testified that HE did them, which created enmity against HIM. He was  not charged with any criminal offense, nor of violating any law, nor of  wrong doings to any individual or persons, all these facts were known to  thousands as well as to HIS friends and his foes..therefore (quote) I  Pontius Pilate am almost ready to say as did Manluis at the Cross...Truly  this was the Son of God.

            In closing his report Pilate stated that these are the facts in the case  as near as he can give them. Since Antipater Herod had said many hard  things against HIM, then Pilate had made this report more lengthy.

            The next report our Author records was found in the Vatican library as  well, and it was marked..'Herod’s defense before the Roman Senate in regard  to his conduct at Bethlehem.

            This would be the report of Herod the Great at the time of the birth of  Jesus...(Quote)

            'Noble this case where of I am accused...these Hebrews are  of all people the most superstitious and no more to be trusted than the  Hindoo (Aryans). They have taught themselves to believe there is but ONE  God, and He dwells in a foreign world, so they neither see nor hear him,  nor in any way approach HIM by their senses. They believe HE is unchangeable, that HE dwells apart from them, that he manifests himself thru some  spirit, or Light, or thunder, or some strange and uncommon phenomena. Since  they are so superstitious they can be made to believe anything. As a foundation for all this foolishness, they have a book, and a set of men called  Priests who read and expound this book for them. To show how far they may  be led, these Priests tell them that thousands of years ago..One man..Moses  died, and went where this strange God dwelt. When he had been gone 40 days  he came back and brought this book that was written by their God for establishing their government. To prove this whole thing is a forgery, the whole  book is only for the benefit of the Priests. The poor have to work continually, and sometimes almost starve to keep the lazy Priests and furnish  them and their women with the best of the food, garments and wine. The  people are told that the best of the flour and the oil must come to the  Temple, to be offered in sacrifice. I often tell them they could keep a  thousand Caesars for much less than the upkeep of their God and his  Priests.

            Here in Judea and Galilee there are all kinds of sects. There are the  Essenes, and their garb is of the Levitical type garments. Their tables are  their altars, and their meals are their only sacrifice. Then there is the  Sadducees, and they reject all the traditions of the (true) Pharisees. As  to this great excitement at Bethlehem..three strange looking fellows called  on my guards at the gate and asked them where they might find this babe  that was born King in Judea. My guards reported to me and I ordered these  strangers brought into court. I asked hem where they were from and one said  he was from Judea. I told them that I rule the Judeans and under Augustus  Caesar. They said that this ONE would rule when I was gone. They told me  they had dreamed the same night about the birth of this babe, but I told  them the devil played with our brain while we sleep. One of them drew a  parchment roll from his pocket and read in Hebrew language:..'Thou  Bethlehem, least among the kingdoms of the world, out of thee shall come a  man that shall rule all people.' I asked him who had written that and he  replied:..'The God of the Heavens.' I asked him where he got the parchment  and he said it was the law of the Covenant of the Hebrews. He also said a  Star had traveled before them all the way to Jerusalem. I told him that his  God was mistaken, that Bethlehem was not a kingdom of Judea. I told them  that they were superstitious fanatics, and ordered them out of my  presence.'

            However the excitement in the nation continued to grow, and become overwhelming, thus Hillel was called to the presence of Herod, and he also read  that this ONE was to be born of a Virgin in Bethlehem, and that HE was to  rule all nations, and all kingdoms of the world would be subject to HIM;  that His Kingdom should never end, but His appointees would continue to rule  forever. Herod said he found the Hillel court just as stupid as the  strangers.

            Herod stated that he believed this scene at Bethlehem was just a meteor  traveling thru the air, or the rising vapor from the foot of the mountains  out of the low marshy ground, as is often the case. As to the noise heard  by Melker, and the Shepherds on the other side of the mountain...this was  just echoes of the calling of the night watches, or scaring away the wolves  from their flocks.

            Herod stated here that it was his belief that the Roman tax was so heavy  that the Priest saw that one of them would have to go unpaid, so they wrote  out all of these things and read them daily so the Israelite mind would be  prepared for something to happen. They were saying in Bethlehem that  neither Caesar or Herod would reign anymore. And since this insurrection  was coming then Herod believed it best to pluck the undeveloped flower in  the bud..and his method used was the killing of the children in Bethlehem.  Herod said that he had no delight in listening to the cries of the mothers,  but he saw a bloody war coming which would doom his nation. Herod in  closing his report said:..(Quote) I am satisfied that I did the best thing  that could be done under the circumstances for our whole country. I hope  you will so consider it; as I submit these things for your action promising  faithfulness, and submission to your judgement.  signed..Herod Antipater.

            In September 1883., in the city of Rome this Record was also found and  this defense before the Roman Senate is to why the execution of John the  Baptist. This is the son of Herod the First.

            It seems that the king of Arabia came into battle, and the people of  Judea blamed the defeat of the Judean army on the beheading of John the  Baptist. But this Herod had the excuse that his act in beheading John the  Baptist was for the greater good to the greatest number of people.               Herod thus states..the facts are..John the Baptist had set up a new mode  of religion altogether different from the Jewish religion now that the Jews  ruled in Judea. John the Baptist was teaching Baptism instead of Circumcision. This had been the belief and custom of the Israelites when the Jews  took over. According to the Jews way of thinking, since god had appeared to  Abraham and told him with His own lips that all you had to do was to be  circumcised, and you were a part of Israel such as David, Solomon, Isaac,  Jacob and the Prophets, then has God now found that he is wrong, has his  wisdom failed him, or is he wavering in his purpose? Isn't this a natural  conclusion of a sensible man? This is the way Herod was thinking..and this  is the son of Herod who killed the babes in Bethlehem. Thus this Herod said  that John the Baptist had no authority from God for what he was doing such  as Abraham did. All John the Baptist could say was:..'He who sent me to  baptize is true'...however John did not seem to know who really sent him.   Herod goes on saying:..(quote) God had ordered Solomon to build the  Temple, and made promises to who ever came to that house with his offerings, and his prayers..that they would be heard, and answered:..this had  been the place of meeting for the Judeans for hundreds of years. They think  this Temple is the next place to heaven.

            Now; see the difference:...

  1. John the Baptist has no authorized authority.

  2. John changes god's place of worship.

  3. He changes the doctrines.

  4. He changes the mode of applying for salvation.

            It was the idea of many of the learned men in Judea that John wanted to  be a great man. His appearance however turned many away, and the Jews  thought the Temple worship was dying because of his teachings. Therefore  Herod said he thought it better to execute one to save many from a worse  fate, this was the reason for the deed, it was not done just to please the  whim of a dancing girl.

            As to what Pontius Pilate says in regard to my cowardice and disobedience  in the case of Jesus of Nazareth..I (Herod) will say this in my defense:...I was informed by the Jews that this was the same Jesus that my father  aimed to destroy in His infancy; for I have my fathers report as to how the  strangers came, and he..since he could not learn who this child was..born  King in Judea, thus he had the make children killed. Afterwards my father  learned his mother had taken this babe and fled into the wilderness. But as  to judging this slaying of the children, if there is a life of happiness  beyond this life for innocency to dwell in, those infants as well as the  Rachel's should be thankful to my father.

            As to Pilate saying that Jesus was a Galilean he is mistaken. Jesus of  Nazareth was born in Bethlehem of Judea as the records show. As to citizenship He had none. He was a wild fanatic who had taken up the doctrines of  John the Baptist. He had learned sooth‑saying while in Egypt, learned it to  perfection. I tried to get Him to show some miracle while in my court but  He was to sharp to be caught in a trap. This is my defense..signed Herod  Antipas II.


            Our Author brings us one more report as found in the old records. There  were of course schools of scribes in Jerusalem at the time of The Christ.  There was the Shammah school of the Jews and the Hillel school of the  Israelites to name two of them, and this report is the Hillel Letters regarding God's providence to the Judean Israelites by Hillel III. Will give you an outline of what these letters report as they are quite interesting.  (quote) .....

            'To the noble and persecuted sons of my Father‑God who is to wise to err  in His judgment and to mighty to let His Kingdom suffer, or His children to  be persecuted beyond what is good reason somewhere. From our former history  and the dealing of God with our forefathers, it is evident that it is not  because He is slack or neglectful of the interests of His children. It must  be on our own account that we are in so much trouble.

            Moses was a babe when selected..neither good or bad..but Israel was good,  and from that babe in the basket was a long chain of mighty displays of  God's work, saving, defending and comforting the good, just because they  were good. As for a mighty master spirit to rise up and lead us once more,  tell us why we are again forsaken. Why is it that Israel is turned against  herself, and evil bird is permitted to pluck her? Why is it that Josephus  sold Galilee to the Romans? Why is it that the sanctifying spirit is withdrawn? Why does the Light of the threshold in the Temple cease to burn? Why  is it that our God has given us over, and permitted the Romans to devour  our heritage, and burn our cities, destroy the Temple, and drench it with  blood of the devotees.

            Let us look at ourselves and see if we can learn why. Have we forsaken  our God instead of Him forsaking us? Let us do as our forefathers have done  before Egypt and also in Babylon. They set up their mourning as the  dove and the Pelican until God was moved to compassion.

            Now; I am not as of now a follower of the Nazarene who has created so  much strife here in Judea. I do not endorse this new doctrine of Baptism,  but I also think we should not be hasty in forming conclusions. I hear  Peter and John as they preached and I saw as they came out of the Temple..a  man laying there, had lain there at this gate for years, but the disciples  heard his cry for help. Peter said he had nothing to give but..'In the name  of Jesus..the Son of God I say unto thee, rise up and walk'. And the man  sprang to his feet and was seemingly sound, and he commenced praising God.  This caused a great disturbance so the police came and took Peter and John  to prison..saying they were 'Peace breakers'. This has been the custom of  the Jews, if something is not done exactly as their Priest thought it  should be done, then you are not to do it. But this act of Peter and John  with the impotent man..looked like the power of YAHWEH manifest in the  flesh. Here was the power the Israelites wanted in order to reinstate their  kingdom. This is the power which followed the Israelites in the past which  was the mark which distinguished Israel from other nations of the earth.  This was the power of Jesus of Nazareth, and because HE did not work according to Jewish rule they condemned Him to death. It was not that His works  weren't good, but because HE did not do them according to Jewish custom.  Peter preaches a sermon about a Rich man (quote) who had one son. It seems  his son had been trying to build a house for a long time. However he was  houseless, and exposed to all dangers and much trouble, but he wanted a  house, and the more he worked the less he accomplished for himself. The  father then wove him a seamless robe, showing it was not made by hands. He  presented the robe to the son to show him that he loved him. The son was  delighted with the beautiful robe, and accepted with many thanks. There was  mutual joy in both the father and the son. The father said: 'I delight to  dwell with my children when they live in the manner suited to me, and this  robe is all my own work. Be content, and do not soil the robe, for it is so  white and clean. A little dirt and filth will contaminate until it will to  be fit to be seen. As long as you keep it unspotted from the world (order)  it will distinguish you from this world (order), and make you a welcome  visitor into the company of all who are dressed in this same robe. However  this robe is merely the outward showing of the principles that lives within; these principles are only developed by the outward appearance. Even tho  it will be admired by those who will reject it, still they must respect it.  They will covet it, but because they are..not like you..this is a cause of  envy everywhere.

            This said the way our God and Father has prepared Holy habitation where our immortal souls may live and be happy thru all Eternity. He  gave us this Holy Spirit, to renew and beget within us this Love of YAHWEH  so that we serve HIM and obey His commands and bring honor to His Name.  Peter then continued:..'All we need do is accept..who will do this? And two  or three hundred cried:..'We Will!'

            Hillel II then says:..I am going to make a most thorough examination of  all these things. If God has provided an easier, and a better plan to save  men's souls than this run by the Jewish economy..this buying of sacrifice  and so forth..the I will look into it. Peter's way of looking at this situation shows God in such a lovely Light, it makes me lone HIM more.

            LETTER NO. II

            Hillel in this letter is looking backward in time to the days of Ezra,  Nehemiah and Haggai, to the time of the last of the Prophets. Then he says  that it has been 500 years, and great changes have come about since some of  Israel came back after the 70 years of captivity to begin again a National  Existence once more in Old Judea, and Palestine. Israel's acquaintance with  the rest of the world was limited in those days. But now as Jesus of Nazareth hung on the Cross there were words written in Hebrew, Greek, and Latin  nailed above His head. As the Prophets closed their writings 500 years before the Greek was scarcely a known language, was confined to a small  corner of Europe. And Rome from whence came the Latin..this was but a struggling city on the Tiber River. Thus we believe that God so arranged the  existence of several nations of earth in such a manner so as to promote the  recognition, the establishment, and the propagation of true religion, the  knowledge, and worship of the true God.

            In his reminiscing Hillel recalls that at the time of Abraham the nations  generally had fallen into idolatry. But to Abraham..YAHWEH was pleased to  make himself known, and to promise he would make of him and his seed a  great nation, and thru him and his seed all the nations of the world would  be blessed. To accomplish this purpose YAHWEH selected the spot in which he  and his family were to be placed, and no spot on earth could have been more  opportune for the purpose. The land of Canaan, late called Judea, and  Palestine a land about mid way between Asia, Africa, and Europe, on the  great highway of nations, equally assessable to all parts of the then known  world.

            In the time of Abraham this was not known, but Judea was to be the radiating point of the true Faith. Chaldea and Egypt were the only considerable  nations in the time of Abraham. At that time there was not such a thing as  a written formula for government, or for worship service, this did not  occur until the time of Moses. Divine communication was before this confined to individuals. Into Egypt the posterity of Abraham was sent as if to  school, not in Divine things but in the knowledge of those things which  makes life comfortable.

            Then Moses was raised up and schooled to be the leader of those who would  in time outline the true religion on earth. This religion would be inscribed in letters:...'Thou shalt have no other god before me; thou shalt not  make unto thee any graven images, or the likeness of anything that is in  heaven above, or in earth beneath; thou shalt not bow down thyself to them,  nor serve them.'

            For this to be realized and carried out then Israel would need to be  separate from the rest of the world (order). And with all the seals, signs,  and God's special judgments, it took 1400 years to do it, so prone are we  to worship the things that are seen instead of the unseen. This is one of the reasons for our desolation. We thought to much of our Holy city and its  temple. Always brethren this has been our trouble. To secure this worship of the One true God we were forbidden to marry with foreigners, for this  purpose our sacrifices were all offered in one place, and by one family of  Priests, lest we wander away and become corrupt by association with idolaters. For this purpose we were forbidden certain kinds of food such as  were offered in sacrifice to heathen deities. Whenever we worshiped the  true God, obeyed his laws, then peace and prosperity was our life. However when we forsook our God then came weakness, poverty, and subjection to foreign nations as to the lot of Israel.      The event which exerted the most decisive influence upon this National  existence of Israel was the erection of Solomon's Temple at Jerusalem. The  Ark for nearly 400 years was almost the only bond of our national union. It  contained the fundamental articles of our nations constitution. It was a  charter form God for a nations establishment and independence. It was a  declaration of principals which was borne before Israel like a banner proclaiming to the world for what we were to live, to fight, and to die for.  It was our confession of Faith, which we held up before the world as  sacred, true and vital, for the best interest of humanity, and the only  hope of our final success.

            Once abandon this and we are lost, disgraced, fallen. On the tables in  that ARK there remained age to age as a memorial of the purpose of our  national existence; and how mightily it has worked in earth. Once the  Philistines took the 'ARK', brought it from Ebenezer to Ashdad. They took  the Ark of God and put it in the house of the Dagon (Dragon), set it by  Dagon, and the next day behold Dagon was fallen upon his face to earth in  front of the ARK of YAHWEH (God)'. They set him up in place, but the next  morning Dagon was again face down before the ARK only this time the head of  Dagon and the palms of his hands were cut off, only the stump of Dagon remained. Thus is all idolatry to fall before THE WORD of the Almighty. Here  in the land of Israel many times strange hands, and the 'true religion' was  about to be extinguished when once again the Almighty intervened to vindicate his honor, reestablish His worship and triumph over the threat to  overthrow.

            The Temple built by Solomon was a splendid edifice, calculated to awaken  the curiosity, to attract attention and command respect of the world. It  furnished a splendid place of convenience, beauty and dignity for the celebration of our daily sacrifice, and our national rites. It made more interesting our three yearly festivals when all the males were obliged to  present themselves before their God. It gave us what we all needed at this  time, a fixture to our religion, a local habitation to our religious applications and associations. It connected the sentiment of religion with  another no less strong; that of Patriotism, and enlisted both in the maintenance and defense of the National institutions of Moses; and it also led  to the formation of a national literature which gave expression to these  two most powerful sentiments of the human heart, and came forward to strengthen them in each succeeding generation. Still the Mosaic institutions  assisted by the magnificence of the Temple service failed to knock out all  'Idolatry' completely. It sprang up occasionally, and the Almighty allowed the Temple to be overthrown; and His people carried into captivity and His worship suspended for 70 years. However the very measure of Divine severity was the means of establishing the true worship on a more firm basis. Altho  Jerusalem was overthrown, and the Temple razed to its foundation, the  Israelites carried the TRUE JERUSALEM in their hearts, and so it is today,  altho our holy city is no more, yet the Holy Temple of Our God lives, and  will continue to live forever. No matter where we roam, we like our Fathers  before us, we have had time to reflect upon the cause of this calamity.  They had the Book of Moses as their companion in their exile, and were able  to read as to what would happen if they forsook the worship of The True God, and they saw the fulfillment of these threatenings and idolatry was  forever cured. As they turned back to their God they returned to rebuild  their Temple, the daily sacrifice was resumed, and Israel was again in her  place. But the children of Israel then fell and once more Israel as a  nation was scattered and Jerusalem was in ruins.


        The Third Letter:.........

            Since all nations of the world lacked the knowledge of the true god  except Israel, it was necessary for the Israel nation to extend this knowledge to all the world which was brought about by the following plan:....  

  1. By the diffusion of the Greek language.

  2. By the conquest of the world by the Romans.

  3. The scattering of Israel among the nations of the world wherein Israel  would learn a new language, and the knowledge of the True God would be infused into a new medium and spread from land to land.

            The Great Design of our God was to use our misfortunes as well as our  prosperity, and God's purpose of preparing the world for the advent of a  higher life, and greater attainments in Godliness. Wherein Israel worshiped in Jerusalem or by the river of Babylon, knowledge of the True God went  with them. Jerusalem was destroyed by Nebuchadnezzar 500 years before the  Messiah, and the remnant of the people carried to Babylon where as the main  body had been removed before this. Yet in captivity Daniel rose like  Joseph, by early wisdom, piety, and integrity from slavery to be the chief  minister of state, and thru him Cyrus was prompted to restore our people to  Jerusalem. 50,000 to 100,000 Judahites did not live in Babylon, Media, and  Persia 70 years for nothing. The reason for this was that these people were  not so far from the paternal hearthstone of the hu‑man (Adamic) race. In  this period Zoroaster appeared..a second Moses..availing himself of the  Light of true revelation. He taught the theology of Moses, and his theology  was so simple and sublime, and so constant, at the same time with the best  conception of mankind. It was from Moses that Zoroaster derived the idea of  one 'Living God' the maker of heaven and earth. He also brought out this  idea of both good and evil spirits.

            The Persians then marched west into Greek territory, these same people  were warring each other but also they were changing ideas. These Greeks then  marched east to the Indus and there was another great mixing of this  (Adamic) people, as well as religious ideas under the command of the God of  the Heavens, and the Israel religion was translated into the Greek  language.


             The Fourth Letter:........

            Alexander the Great did more in 12 years to affect the future conditions  of the world than any man who ever lived. He was used in the hand of God  for lasting good to mankind. He received an education from one of the  greatest minds that ever lived. Wherever he went Greece went with him.  Wherever he went the poems of Homer, the sublime soul of Plato, and the  practical wisdom of Socrates went also. Schools of philosophy sprang up in  this path, universities and academies of learning came forth. He went to  the Euphrates, on to the Indus and into Egypt, and the Greek language came  also. As Alexander the Great approached the Holy city the High Priest of  Israel went with him. Many favors were shown to the Israelites of  Jerusalem. He built the great city of Alexandria in Egypt and invited  Judahites to come to live, and a large colony was formed there. The Scriptures were translated into Greek, or Israel would have lost her knowledge  altogether. Under Alexander’s program..from Egypt the Israel Scriptures went  out to the world.

            Rome was growing in the west but it took the Romans 500 years to conquer  Italy, then 200 more years passed before they were able to march east, and  become masters of the whole known earth. The Roman conquest then reached  the Holy land, but the Grecian letters and Roman arms were founded on the  mission of Moses, and altho the Romans were said to have conquered like  savages, still they ruled like sages, and did not try to change the religious practices of the lands they conquered.


          The Fifth Letter:........

            The nature of a cause must correspond with the nature of the effect, and  certainly be known by it. When we see a beautiful painting we think this is  a creation of intelligence. When Aristipuss was cast on to a shore where it  appeared there were no inhabitants, he wandered about until he found some  mathematical diagrams traced in the sand, and he said:..'Courage my friends  ..I find traces of man.' Thus it is with Israel..we see the finger of God  pointing, and intelligence has been given to the world. Knowing the past,  present, and future men have realized that vice should be punished, for it  is viewed with displeasure by the Father. The great men of the old world,  poets and philosophers have entertained such opinions in all times. They  all take for granted..ONE Superior being, with all other inferior beings as  being responsible to HIM.

            This is not only the last and highest conclusion of human intelligence,  but the counseling voice of the Most Ancient tradition. God Himself is an  object of none of the senses, and the wisest of men wanted that authority  which was necessary for the propagation of truth. They wanted certainty for  themselves, and authority for others. Thus it is 'Certainty' and 'Authority  are very things which are necessary to make a religion powerful in the  world.

            When religion was in the hands of the philosophers (thinkers) it did not  guide or restrain mankind, it was only a matter of opinion. Thus a which shall take hold of faith, and control the conduct of mankind  must have 'certainty' and 'authority', but neither can be obtained without  Revelation, inspiration, and miracles. Had Moses received no Divine aid  even tho he uttered the same truths, and laid down the same precepts it  would have rested only on his own reason. No man in high religious matters  can have full confidence in himself without conscious Divine inspiration.  Thus it was reasonable that being sent of God Moses would lead his people  out of Egyptian captivity.

            Certain of the existence of a god, yet uncertain of the mode of his  existence, it was natural that the human mind should run into a thousand  errors. One great source of corruption was the Priesthood. It seems natural  that men should chosen to conduct religious services. Thus a Priesthood  seemed necessary but there is nothing more dangerous to a nation than to  have a Priesthood that is governed by the Political parties of the nation.  This was done by all nations except Israel as established at Mt. Sinai.  Here the Priest was governed by the laws of Moses and it was impossible for  the Priest, or anybody else to change them. Israel in the time of Solomon  then was an Example for the World (order).


         The Sixth Letter:.......

            The mind must think, and the heart must worship, and the soul feels the  need of guidance and communion with God. It is necessary for Israel as our  daily food. Therefore this religion had its sacred rites by which the heart  speaks to God, and God communicates to the heart. In the absence of written  records of faith, then ceremonies and form which have conventional meanings  become symbolic of certain truths.

            The Patriarchal religion of Israel consisted almost entirely of prayer  and sacrifice. The Mosaic religion which came with the written form of  government and worship added to prayer and sacrifice a written code of  duty, a formal declaration of truths and principals which lay at the foundation of the whole Institution.

            The Patriarchal elements rested on the heads of families:..'All these  words which I commanded thee this day thou shall teach them to thy  children, and shall talk to them when thou sitteth in thy house.' And since  the written laws were scarce and hard to find it was said:..'And thou shalt  bind them for a sign upon thy hand, and as frontlets between thine eyes,  and thou shalt write them upon the posts of thine house, and upon thy  gates.' With the Levites the people were taught the whole law, and in the  Hebrew (Israel) commonwealth then CHURCH AND STATE were closely amalgamated. The code of Moses prescribed a religion and a civic duty. But since  books were scarce the Levites were to teach the people of Israel the law of  their God. This was then carried out thru all channels of Israelite Life.  The Tabernacle in the Wilderness was intended as a perpetual memorial of  God, a symbol of His presence. It called the people from idolatry and reminded them that their worship was to be directed to YAHWEH above and  alone. Its services and those afterward of the Temple were revealed each  morning and each evening so that no Israelite would feel that the duties of  adoration and gratitude could be omitted for even a single day. If we transfer these imposing ceremonies to the Temple we find that this House of  YAHWEH was the rallying point of Israel's political power, the seat of her  religion, and the heart of her National affections.

            The Temple was built by Solomon more than 1000 years before the time of  Christ's ministry. It was built on Mt. Moriah, in the South East part of  Jerusalem, and it was built for worship alone. It was intended as a place  of National worship. It consisted of four enclosures, one with another on  three sides, but having a common fourth wall. Only one of these was covered  with a roof in our sense of the term, this was the Holy of Holies where the  ARK, the Cherubim and the Mercy Seat were to be found.

            The outer enclosure into which all nations were permitted to enter was  very large. The second was called the court of women into which all nations  were permitted to enter was very large. The second was called the court of  women because women were permitted to go no further. Within this was the  Court of Israel surrounded on three sides by the housing of the Priests, and  the Great Altar was located here, upon which the daily sacrifice was  offered, morning and evening.

            But these are all gone, the city, the Temple, the doctrines, the Priests,  the law and even the nation of Israel...all gone. Oh! people of Israel,  altho you be thousands of miles away, look back to what you once had, for  you cannot forget your land, your religion and your God. He is the God of  Abraham, and is still merciful, and will remember to keep his promises, his  covenant made with our Fathers.


          The Seventh Letter:..........

            Not only was the expectations of a remarkable personage universally prevalent among the Israelites here in Judea at the time of the appearance of  The Messiah..The Christ, but the phraseology was already in use which designated what he was to be and to accomplish. There was at this time a Messianic phraseology derived from different parts of the Old Testament which  embodied and expressed all their anticipations. This much was certain...there was a Messiah, there was to be a new dispensation. No one knew quite  what He was to be, therefore imaginations ran wild. The Priests interpreted  such passages as this from the 31 chapter of Isaiah as connected with the  days of the Messiah:...'Behold the days come, saith YAHWEH, that I will  make a new covenant with the House of Israel, and with the House of Judah.  Not according to the covenant I made with their fathers in the day I took  them by the hand to bring them out of the land of Egypt. This shall be the  covenant I will make with the House of Israel..I will put my law in their  inward parts, and write it on their hearts, and will be their God, and they  shall be my people. And they shall teach no more every man, his neighbor  saying..know YAHWEH, for they shall know me, form the least to the greatest  and I will forgive their iniquity; and remember their sins no more.'   This seems to have been the expectations of the 'Woman at the well', of  Jacob, as well as the Universal expectations from Moses on to the Disciples.

            Peter in one of his first discourses after the resurrection of Jesus of  Nazareth cites the promise of Moses to the Israelites just before his death  as applicable to The Christ:..'A Prophet shall the LORD thy God raise up  unto you of your brethren like unto me, he shall ye hear in all things what  so ever he shall say unto you.' These were the sentiments of those who had  seen the miracle of the feeding of the 5000 with the few loaves of bread  and fishes. The men watching this miracle said:...'This is the prophet who  should come.' Others thought this great personage to come was to be a king,  greater than any who had sat upon the Israelite throne. One of the  questions the disciples asked was:...'Wilt thou at this time restore the  kingdom of Israel?' Others were even disputing as to who would be the great  est in this restored kingdom.

            Nathaniel said:..'Thou art the Son of God, thou art the king of Israel.'  In the second Psalm the person described is represented as exalted to be  king on Mount Zion..but in Judea? They referred to the second chapter of  Daniel:..'In the days of those kings shall the God of heaven set up a kingdom which shall never be destroyed, and the kingdom shall not be left to  other people, but shall break in pieces and consume all these kingdoms; and  shall stand forever.'

            In Judea as John the Baptist began to preach, the Jews were in control of  the temple of the Israel kingdom was no more in this old land, altho there  were some of Israel still there. But even Gamaliel and other teachers were  a bit confused at this sudden switch from the old covenant to the New. Then  John the Baptist said:..'Repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.' This  Nazarite with his strange manner of dress and his food such as found in the  fields and woods was literally, a 'voice crying in the wilderness':..saying  'prepare ye the way of YAHWEH as YAHSHUA make straight in the desert a  highway for our (Israel's) God.' Some thought John might be the Messiah..  but no..John told us that he came to introduce the Messiah, to point HIM  out to Israel.

            Jewish authorities came out from Jerusalem to see who this John the  Baptist was, and John told them that he was sent to prepare the Israelites  for the great message they were about to receive from their God. John's  appearance produced the desired effect, he came as a man of poverty in contrast to the official dignitaries. He must have recalled to the minds of  his Israelite countrymen the days when Elijah in a like simplicity, but  with great authority stood up as a prophet of God, the champion of their  Faith. Some indeed took him to be Elijah risen from the dead, who their  traditions said was to come to anoint and inaugurate THE MESSIAH.   Then Jesus of Nazareth came to be Baptised, to call attention to the New  covenant. John protested still he did as he was ordered and baptism was  installed as the symbol of the New Covenant. John informed the people that  he would baptize with water where as YAHSHUA (Jesus) would baptize with the  Holy Spirit. People came to John the Baptist asking:..'What shall we do?',  and John told them:..'Repent, turn in your thinking.' In fact here was the  basics of Christianity..'Accept and be baptised.' In this kingdom of Israel  which was to be reestablished there was a place for all of Israel, not just  those in Judea. 'Think not that you belong to the kingdom of god merely  because you are descendants of Abraham'..a discrimination was about to take  place here in Judea. (We would say between true Israel and those who only  claimed to be). Baptism would be the symbol of this reestablishment of the  kingdom of Israel, not the symbol of circumcision which the Jews claimed as  their part of the old covenant. Those who now changed their way of thinking  could now accept their Messiah.

            The Baptism of Jesus by John the Baptist was essentially the same, one  into a profession of the belief in the Messiah yet to come, and the other  into a profession of belief, in the Messiah already come. John's baptism  then began to do what his words had begun to predict..separate the righteous (those of spirit) from the wicked (without begotten spirit) to prepare  Israel for Eternal Life, and begin to establish the kingdom of God whose  initiatory rite was Baptism. Thus it was said that the kingdom of God came  without observation, while men were saying:...'Lo here and Lo there'..the  kingdom of God was in the midst of them.

            But John the Baptist was thrown into prison for preaching this New  doctrine. This good and Holy man lived just long enough to see the rising  of this New Dispensation for which he was sent to prepare the way. John  became a Martyr for the truth, altho his dying human eyes caught scarcely a  glimpse of the Glory that was yet to be revealed.

            Now; there is no subject which literature approaches with such difference  as the personal character and history of THE CHRIST. There is no theme on  which language is found so inadequate and imperfect. A human  form with every attribute of humanity except sin, exhibiting perfect goodness in combination with infallible wisdom, clothed with extensive power  over physical nature, and a knowledge of futurity at once extensive and  circumstantial; the declared end and object of a trial of miracles running  back to the very foundation of the world. Himself the beginning and of  course a New World Order of things to come, embracing the whole world, and  all succeeding times. His doctrine designed to sway the minds of millions,  to form their opinions, to mold their character, to shape their expectations, to reign in their minds, and judge their actions, to convict and  purify their consciences, and to cleanse them from sin, and prepare them  for HIS own society, the presence of God in the spiritual world. What men  have thought of the person of Jesus of Nazareth, what HE actually was, did,  taught, and brought to pass are entirely different. (Unquote)   Then Hillel II continued:...We read of Jesus that immediately after his  baptism and inauguration by John that He retired into solitude, where he is  said to have passed 40 days in preparation, doubtless for the great work in  which he was to engage. He returned to the World (order) to bring forth His  New Doctrine which seemed to some a New Religion. Different from everything  which had gone before??? No not quite since the program was perfect from  the beginning. It was to grow from the Divine mind, and mold things according to its unalterable purpose. The law was given to Israel, thru Moses,  but Grace and truth came by Jesus The Christ. The Plan was Divine but such  was the ignorance and blindness of much of mankind that it was not recognized. The plan..the system existed in HIS mind, thus how could the new be  made to supersede the old? Remember the Israel religion was already there,  keep what is sound and incorporate it with the new, and this is exactly  what Jesus did. The Israelites understood the meaning of this calling of  Messiah..and His being called the Son of well as the phrase.. 'The  Son of God'. Their expectation of the reappearance of the Kingdom was an  exciting concept in which the glorious truths of the New Covenant were  found in this the Messianic phraseology of that time.

            The Ministry of Jesus we understand began in Galilee at the Marriage  Feast of Cana where He turned water into wine, and soon multitudes gathered  around HIM, Israel was listening.

            In the recorded discourse with Nicodemus the famous words:..'Marvel not  that I said unto thee, ye must be born again.' These words need to be read  with others such as:..'The wind bloweth whither it listeth, and thou  hearest the sound thereof, but canst not tell where it cometh, and whither  it goeth; is everyone that is BORN OF SPIRIT.' (Unquote)   Jesus then passed thru Samaria and held the interesting conversation with  the woman at the well, a descendent of Jacob. The fame of His miracles and  His doctrine increased until no building would hold the crowds, therefore  HE preached from a ship, to the crowd on shore; and from a raise in the  ground so His voice could be heard by the multitude.

            (Quote)From the Sermon on the Mount Israelites as they listened were cured of  their errors. The kingdom of Israel belonged to the humble, the quiet, the  contented, they were thus not the wealthy, the political  'Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness sake.' This new  doctrine of Baptism and Communion was not only for this time of Messiah,  which would be short, but here He was choosing assistants to carry on His  work after HE was gone. They were to go out into the world (to Lost Israel)  and HE chose not those from the Rabbinical schools, that were flourishing  there in Judea at that time. Those He called He would teach, for they were  not to add anything to what He had taught. Their office was simply that of  witnesses as to what He had said, done and suffered. 'Ye shall bear witness  because ye have been with me from the beginning.' After His Resurrection He  said to them:..'Thus it is written, and thus it behooved the Messiah to  suffer, and to rise from the dead the third day, and that repentance and  remission of sins shall be preached in HIS NAME among the nations beginning  at Jerusalem, and ye are witnesses of these things. Ye shall receive power  after the Holy Spirit shall come upon you, and ye shall be witnesses unto  me, both in Jerusalem, and in Samaria, and unto the uttermost parts of the  earth.'

            You then realize that the qualities most necessary to a witness are  'Simplicity, integrity, and courage'. Thru them the world received the  Gospel. The more transparent the medium thru which we receive it, the less  coloring it takes from the minds thru which it was transmitted. The consequence is that we have the most simple, and childlike narrative that the  world has ever read. We do not see the historians at all..we see only Jesus  the Christ, His doctrine, His character, His life and His miracles.   The Gospels thus were the testimony of the Apostles. Jesus left nothing  written, and without their testimony we would not know what HE taught.       Peter said:..'We are witnesses of all things which He did both in the  land of Judea, and in Jerusalem..of this ONE that they slew and hanged on a  tree. This ONE..the Spirit raised up on the third day and He was seen  openly, but not by all people, but unto witnesses..chosen before of God,  even to us who did not eat and drink with HIM after HE arose from the  dead.'

            When the Saviour bowed His head upon the Cross and said:..'It is  finished' the Gospel was complete..nothing was to be added to it, and  nothing was to be taken away from it. The duty of the Apostles was to take  it to the world (where Israel was scattered). The comforter..which is the  Holy Spirit would teach them all things, would bring to their remembrance  whatsoever He had said to them. They would occasionally be instructed as to  what to do, but never to preach any new doctrine which had not been taught  by THE CHRIST HIMSELF.

            It may seem strange to those who are accustomed to dispute about words  and phrases that Christ should have left nothing written, nothing which we  can identify as the words which He spoke. But we believe we are justified  in asserting that no matter what was written it would not have satisfied..  human language being so ambiguous. It is true with Christ's plainest words  and instructions. We believe things are thus better as they are..what more  competent witness could we possibly have than those who were with Him in  His ministry, and at the Cross, who ate and drank with Him after He arose??   What more unobjectionable testimony than that of John who had been one of  the disciples of John the Baptist then who saw the inauguration of the New  Covenant, leaned on His bosom, and shared His most intimate friendship? As  collateral proof, what more authentic than the memories of Luke and Mark  who were constant companions of the Apostles, and heard them rehearse over  an over the wonderful story of the teaching and miracles of Jesus?   Considered in this human testimony..those understanding the  principles of evidence most thoroughly tell us that their evidence is more  weighty and satisfactory, and when understood there is no variations one  with the other.

            Even the words printed above His head as He hung on the Cross seem to be  different in their testimonies. John says that the title on the Cross was  (YAHSHUA) Jesus of Nazareth, the King of Israel..while the others are  slightly different, but the meaning is the same. The first three Gospels  have given us The Christ's prayer, in His agony, in the Garden of Gethsemane but each in different words. Yet no man in his sober senses would  think of doubting the actual occurrence of that tremendous account. If anything in all the History of the past can be said to bear the native impress  truth, it is this whole transaction.  (Unquote)

            This ends the letters of this scholar Hillel III. For an in-depth study of  the agony in the Garden of Gethsemane we suggest that you read the booklet  'The Symbol of the Cup'...from the Sermon by Wesley A. Swift. These most  interesting letters by Hillel III were found in Constantinople in what was  called the Jerusalem Talmud, but always remember the original meaning of  the word Talmud. We feel that this Christian minister back in 1844 recorded in this little book an interesting outlay of the events way back in our  history. We must go back to the knowledge of our forefathers and establish  truth for today. Hindoo mentioned we would have not understood if not for  'The Round Towers of Ireland'....Interesting? (E.R.M.)