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The Purpose of the Covenant Church of Yahweh Bible Course is to

"Educate Anglo-Saxon/Christian Israel"


What does the Covenant Church of Yahweh's Bible Course do for Christian Israel Education? It will bring understanding, and reveal scriptural truths and facts. It separates today’s man-made doctrine from the original Holy Writ. It creates a sound basis and foundation for a person's Faith in Yahweh…and Yahshua the Messiah.

Christian Education must be non-denominational to be accurate. One sure way to a non-denominational Christian Education is via a Bible Course that does not have an un-Scriptural, un-Biblical agenda to promote. We at the Covenant Church of Yahweh have absolutely NOTHING whatsoever to gain by lying to anyone…but, we believe, EVERYTHING to lose!!!

The Covenant Church of Yahweh Bible Course is not merely another Bible Translation, but a course that will get you thinking about those previously held...erroneous beliefs. We have not detracted from or added to the authentic...original intent, or spirit of the Holy Writ.

The Covenant Church of Yahweh Bible Course is simply a digest undertaken to bring out the salient points and truths of Scripture to the notice of the reader…who may have read, and thought that they understood it's meaning...yet never really STUDIED it. It is one thing to have a wealth of "Scriptural Knowledge"…however knowledge without "Wisdom" is both worthless…and dangerous!!!

In this Bible course a great number of mistranslations of scripture have been, as best as can be, corrected…which demonstrates the continuity and true meaning of the original writings. In other words:

We make the Scripture interpret Scripture, and witness itself.


First: As a STUDENT, you would complete each of the 90 Chapters (9 Sections) by correspondence and earn a Certificate in Christian Education from the Covenant Church of Yahweh.

Second: To the NON-STUDENT the Covenant Church of Yahweh Bible Course makes an ideal reference work or guide for independent Bible study. You may want to establish a Bible study group using this research tool as a guide.

We, at the Covenant Church of Yahweh believe that a return to our root individualism, a grass roots movement toward becoming educated Christians, is desperately needed today! The individual responsibility of each Believer is to grow into the image of Yahshua.

Every man is accountable to Yahweh for the time he spends on earth, and those deeds or works he has performed...both good and bad. He is also accountable to his family for leadership. This, therefore, requires a personal desire and committed effort to know and do Yahweh's will.

Upon completion of the Covenant Church of Yahweh Bible Course you will advance to the rank of "Master Sergeant"…with the opportunity to advance to "Command Sergeant Major"…upon recommendation of superior "Commissioned Officers".

If you are, or have attained, the age of may, upon certification of other ranking "Commissioned Officers", receive a "Ministerial Certificate" with the Covenant Church of Yahweh, and you would be eligible to attain the rank of 2nd Lieutenant in the "Teutonic Knight Crusaders...Knight's of the Scarlet Thread". Every member of the "Teutonic Knight Crusaders...Knight's of the Scarlet Thread" that holds Commissioned Officer rank MUST be a Staunch, Uncompromising, 2 Seedline Racial Covenant Israel Identity "Minister" in good standing.

The Covenant Church of Yahweh believes we are living in the time when, as the Bible says in Daniel 12:4 "Many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased." We at the Covenant Church of Yahweh hope that as a participant in this Bible study, your faith in Yahweh's word will be brought into action and strengthened. James 2:17 states: "Faith which is not brought into practice, is in itself dead"

We therefore hope and pray that those who receive the light of understanding through the Covenant Church of Yahweh Bible Study Course will in turn light the way for others by example.


1. Three ring binder with approximately 300 pages 8 1/2" x 11" plus index.

2. A map of Central Asia showing the cradle of the Adamic Race, the area of Noah's Flood and his migration afterward.

3. A genealogy chart tracing the ancestry of the Anglo Saxon, Germanic, Scandinavian race from Adam on through Judah down to the present Queen Elizabeth of England.

4. A synopsis of the Migrations of the Lost Tribes of Israel into Europe and the British Isles.

5. Prophecies and Marks proving Christians are Israel, the "Bride of Christ."


The Complete Works of Josephus, The Lost Books of the Bible and the Forgotten Books of Eden, The Second Treatise of the Great Seth, The Testament of Abraham, The Gospel of Nicodemus, The Book of Enoch, The Secrets of Enoch, The Apocrypha, The Apocryphal New Testament, The Dead Sea Scroll Documents, The Corpus Hermeticum Dead Sea Scrolls, The Early Christian Writings, The Lost Chapter of Acts of the Apostles, the Partial Works of Ignatius, Irenaeus, Justin, Polycarp, Tertullian (early Church Fathers), The Book of Baruch, The Book of Jasher, The Book of Jubilees, The Martyrdom of Isaiah, The Life and Martyrdom of Polycarp 70 AD to 168 AD, The Letter of Aristeas, The Gospel of Peter, & The Excerpts from the Gospel of Mary.

The donation for the Bible Course (including the CD) is ONLY $100.00.

I have taped material on cassette tapes covering most of the topics in this Course that are available at reduced cost to those taking the Bible course. The list is posted on my "Home" page. Phone or send request for the current, updated list of available tapes via e-mail, or snail mail to address below.

The Covenant Church of Yahweh is a non-501c3, non-profit, non-sectarian institute for Christian Israel Education and Research, Biblical Archaeology, Theology, and Sacred Literature.

ALL donations are used to forward "2 Seedline Racal Covenant Israel Identity Education" to Yahweh's "Covenant People". The funds are used to: produce educational material in audio, electronic, and printed forms; expand our library with reference books and works; for general expenses of the Covenant Church of Yahweh, and to help pay the air time for the Covenant Church of Yahweh Radio Program...that is aired via the World Wide Web.

The directors, Ministers, and Pastors of the Covenant Church of Yahweh receive no pay. ALL monies that are received are used exclusively for the Church and it's needs.

The Covenant Church of Yahweh is only a servant of Yahweh/ Yahshua the Messiah, and is therefore a brother in service to all of you. We turn to His Word for guidance and recognize His sole authority in ALL matters.

Thank you for joining your heart and mind with Him and those of the Covenant Church of Yahweh in search of Biblical truth. May the Holy Spirit direct, protect and help your work in His name.

May Yahweh Bless and Keep You and Yours
Pastor Don Campbell
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